What Types of Bathroom Sinks are Available?

There are three appliances which a bathroom can’t do without: a tub, a toilet, and a sink. Perhaps you’re thinking about installing a new sink, in particular, and are trying to get an idea as to what is available?

There are a number of different types of sinks out there, all of which offer something a little different in the ways of aesthetics and functionality. Wondering which type of sink is right for you? Read below to help you make your decision.


A self-rimming sink is a sink which is built directly into a vanity or cabinet. Equipped with a prolonged rim, it is exceedingly easy to install. For this reason, it has become one of the most popular types of bathroom sinks in the world.

Self-rimming sinks are available in a number of shapes, from circles, to ovals, to squares, to rectangles, and everything in between. Because they’re built into cabinets and vanities, they’re great for small bathrooms which are limited in terms of space.


bathroom-sink-typesIf you’ve been to a nice hotel or restaurant, you’ve probably come across a vessel sink. Vessel sinks are essentially bowls which sit atop cabinets and vanities. They don’t require any under-cabinet plumbing in order to be installed, however, they do require pop-up drains.

While you won’t see a lot of vessel sinks in homes, home vessel sinks do exist. Those who utilize them are typically looking for something unique in terms of aesthetic.


Another great sink option for small bathrooms is the wall-mounted sink. Wall-mounted sinks connect directly to walls, allowing for a great deal of storage space on the floor beneath them. Because they’re mounted to the wall, they can be installed at any height you desire.

When you make use of a wall-mounted sink, there’s no reason for you to buy any vanities or cabinets. However, if you’d like to use one, you can still slide it under the sink.


Pedestal sinks are sinks which are connected to the floor via a long leg. In a sense, pedestal sinks are a lot like standalone water fountains.

Like wall-mounted sinks, pedestal sinks are great for small bathrooms. While they take up a little more space on the ground than wall-mounted sinks do, they’re still very easy to store items around.


Undermount sinks are a lot like self-rimming sinks as they are built into cabinets and vanities. Where they differ from self-rimming sinks is in the fact that they don’t contain any prolonged ridges.

Because they don’t possess any ridges, they’re very easy to use. If you’ve got something which must be wiped from your countertop, you can do wipe it away with little resistance. Easy to install, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing, undermount sinks are rapidly growing in popularity.


A console sink is a sink which connects to the wall, but which is also supported by legs. Typically, these legs are located on its front, giving it a great deal of storage space toward its back and on the ground. These are often used for commercial purposes.

If you’re trying to put a sink in a small bathroom, you might very well consider using a console sink.

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