Bathroom Remodeling in Milwaukee: Choosing a Sink

Maybe your existing sink is no longer getting the job done? Perhaps you’re thinking about overhauling your bathroom entirely? In any case, you’re on the hunt for a new bathroom sink.

The question is: which type of sink is right for you? These days, bathroom sinks come in a variety of different styles and shapes, with each style and shape offering something a little different in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Interested in learning about the different shapes, styles, and types of bathroom sinks in Milwaukee? Read on!

Drop-in Sink in Milwaukee

Also known as self-rimming sinks, drop-in sinks are bathrooms sinks that are mounted to the top of a countertop. Functionally, they are entirely self-contained, using the countertop only as a support.

Because they only use countertops as a support, drop-in sinks are exceedingly easy to install. In fact, should you ever want to switch the countertop underneath your sink, you could do so with relative ease.

Vessel Sink in Milwaukee

modern-bathroom-sinkMuch like drop-in sinks, vessel sinks are entirely self-contained, sitting on top of countertops. Vessel sinks are often shaped like bowls, and, in theory, could actually be positioned anywhere on a countertop or vanity.

You’ll often see vessel sinks in luxurious hotels and restaurants. They have a modern aesthetic that can really do a lot to improve the overall appearance and atmosphere of a bathroom.

Pedestal Sink in Milwaukee

Pedestal sinks are a great option for those who don’t wish to use countertops. These sinks are self-mounted, possessing a long base that extends from the floor up to around waist level.

Because they don’t necessitate the use of a countertop or vanity, pedestal sinks are great for small bathrooms. By using a pedestal sink, you can greatly increase the amount of storage space within your bathroom.

Undermount Sink in Milwaukee

Undermount sinks are sinks that are installed underneath the surface of a countertop. They essentially use the countertop as a rim without extending above them in any discernible manner. Generally, the countertops used for undermount sinks will be made out of a stone material such as granite or marble. Sometimes, concrete is used.

These sinks are typically custom-made. This is why you’ll often see them in luxurious commercial buildings such as hotels and restaurants.

Wall-mounted Sink in Milwaukee

Like pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks are terrific for space-saving purposes. Attaching directly to bathroom walls, they allow for tons of floor storage underneath. In fact, they don’t take up any floor space whatsoever.

If you have a particularly small bathroom, it might be wise of you to opt for a wall-mounted sink as opposed to some kind of vanity-style sink.

Console Sink in Milwaukee

Console sinks share a lot of similarities with wall-mounted sinks. In fact, in a technical sense, they are a kind of wall-mounted sink. They only difference between them and wall-mounted sinks is that they sit atop a small structure for support, while also being mounted to a wall.

Typically, a small storage rack will be placed under a console sink. This rack not only helps to hold the sink upright, it provides you with a place to organize different bathroom necessities.

Utilize a Bathroom Remodeling Company in Milwaukee

Do you know which type of sink you’d like to install in your bathroom? Need help deciding? Interested in utilizing a bathroom remodeling company in Milwaukee? If so, JM Remodeling has you covered.

Our team of experienced renovation specialists has installed a variety of bathroom sinks throughout the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Regardless of the type you’re looking to have installed, we can get the job done for you.

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