Signs That You Require Roofing Replacement in Bay View, Milwaukee

While roofing materials are designed to hold up through years and years of heavy use, they will, at some point, begin to deteriorate. The age at which this deterioration occurs depends upon a number of factors, from weather, to physical trauma, and more.

When your roofing starts to deteriorate, it’s necessary that you have it replaced. After all, your roofing protects your home, keeping out heat, cold, and moisture. If your roofing is no longer functioning in the way it’s supposed to, your home is left vulnerable.

How do you know if you require roofing replacement in Bay View, Milwaukee? By looking out or the following signs.

Your Current Roof is Old

roof-replacement-bay-viewJust because your roof doesn’t present any problems doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s still serving its function. In some cases, roofing just grows old and wears out.

The lifespans of different roofing materials vary. However, if you’ve got asphalt shingles (most homeowners do), you can expect to get around 20 years of quality use out of them. Getting toward the end of this 20 years? It might be time for a replacement.

Your Shingles are Curling

A sure sign that you require roofing replacement is if the shingles on your roof are curling. Shingles typically start curling after they’ve taken on a substantial amount of wear and tear.

In most cases, this wear and tear comes in the form of sun, wind, or water damage. As your shingles become weathered, they start to lose their structural strength. After a while, they will curl up, leaving your roof exposed to the elements.

The Valleys of Your Roof are Damaged

Where you need to pay special attention to your roof is in its valleys. The valleys of your roof are especially susceptible to water damage because they are capable of trapping and holding water. If these valleys are not properly covered by roofing materials, water will start to seep down into your attic.

Notice the he valleys of your roof deteriorating? It’s time for some repair and replacement.

You’ve Got Sunlight Coming Into Your Attic

A great way to tell whether or not you need a roofing replacement is by taking a look in your attic. During the day when the sun is out, your attic should be entirely dark. There shouldn’t be any sunlight poking through the roof above your attic.

If sunlight is poking through, something is amiss. Either your shingles are misaligned or they are deteriorating and no longer doing their job. If sunlight can get through your shingles, water can get through them as well.

Your Shingles are Missing

Take a look up at your roof right now. Are any of its shingles missing? If so, they will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Sometimes shingles fall off due to pressure from wind and rain, and sometimes they fall off simply because they’re too old. Our advice is to survey the situation. If your shingles are falling off because they’re old, a full replacement might be needed. If they’re falling off because of the elements, you can typically just replace the ones which are missing.

Need Roofing Replacement in Bay View?

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