Is it Time for a Home Siding Replacement in Fox Point? Here’s How to Tell

Are you considering home siding replacement? Wondering whether or not it's the right decision? If so, you're in the right place.

In this article, we're going to discuss the many signs that it's time for home siding replacement in Fox Point, Wisconsin. Read below for more information!

Is Your Siding Cracked?

wood-exterior-siding-fox-pointA sure sign that you need to replace your siding is that it’s cracked. Cracked siding is always a problem because it’s capable of allowing in heat, cold, moisture, and sound. Considering the fact that siding is designed specifically to prevent the inward flow of these entities, cracked siding fails to perform its function.

If you’re only dealing with a few cracked panels, you can just swap them out for fresh ones. If, on the other hand, a large number of your panels are cracked, you’ll likely want to opt for a full replacement.

Is Your Interior Paint Peeling?

Looking for signs that moisture is making its way through your siding? The answer often lies in peeling paint. If the paint on the interior walls of your home is peeling, it’s likely because your siding is doing a poor job of sealing out moisture.

When moisture makes its way through your siding, it causes damage to your drywall. Then, eventually, after your drywall has suffered prolonged water damage, the paint attached to it begins to suffer damage as well. As a result, it begins to peel and flake off.

If you’re dealing with this problem, a home siding replacement is likely needed. It is typically indicative of widespread and long-term damage.

Are Your Energy Costs Increasing?

As was noted above, siding is responsible for keeping out heat and cold, in addition to moisture and sound. Unfortunately, when it fails to do this, it puts extra strain on your air conditioner and furnace.

The result of this strain? Extra energy usage, and, of course, higher energy costs. Therefore, if your energy bills seem to be gradually increasing month after month, it could very well be due to your siding.

Note, however, that other entities could cause this problem as well. These include doors, roofing, and, of course, insulation.

Is Your Siding Antiquated?

Your siding doesn’t necessarily have to be performing poorly in order to prompt a replacement. All it has to do is look bad.

If your siding looks dated and antiquated compared to your neighbors’ houses, you should seriously consider making a change. After all, your siding makes up a large portion of your home’s aesthetic, and it can have a dramatic effect on its overall look. If it looks bad, your home probably looks bad as well.

Is Your Siding Warped?

One last sign that your siding is due for a replacement is that it’s warped. If your siding is misshapen, it’s most likely because it has taken on substantial water and/or sun damage over the years. Unfortunately, there’s no long-term fix for this problem. A replacement is the only viable option.

Make note as well that warped siding is ineffective siding. It will fail to protect your home from the elements and will be a liability until swapped out for fresh panels.

Ready to Install New Home Siding in Fox Point?

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