Do You Need Siding Replacement in Fox Point, Wisconsin?

While many think of siding as something which is designed only to improve a home’s aesthetic, the fact of the matter is that siding serves a very important purpose; it acts as a barrier between your home and the external world. Not only does it keep out moisture, but heat and cold as well.

This is why, when your siding begins to deteriorate, you need to have it replaced in a timely manner. If it’s not replaced in a timely manner, your home will become vulnerable to everything from wind drafts, to mold.

The question is: how do you know when your siding is no longer serving its purpose? Here is how to know if you need siding replacement in Fox Point, Wisconsin.

Signs That Your Siding Needs Replaced

It’s Aesthetically Antiquated

siding-replacement-fox-pointWhile aesthetics might not seem like a good enough reason to replace your siding, they’re as good a reason as you could possibly need. After all, your siding makes up about three quarters of the overall aesthetic of your home. If it looks worn out or dated, the look of your entire home will suffer. The siding on your home is the first thing people see, whether you are having guests over, or if you are putting your home on the market. Make sure your siding gives your home the best possible curb appeal.

Whether you choose vinyl siding, wood siding, or otherwise, you should be able to find something which fits in aesthetically.

It’s Upping Your Energy Consumption

Have you noticed your electricity and gas bills skyrocketing as of late? While this could be happening for a number of different reasons, the state of your siding is a possible culprit.

Siding which is cracked and deteriorated will not insulate your home as well as siding which is intact. If your siding is deteriorated, your home will let in more cold and heat, forcing your heater and air conditioner to work harder. This results in more expensive energy bills.

The Paint on Your Interior Walls is Peeling

Have you noticed that the paint on your interior walls is peeling? If so, your siding and underlayments could be part of the problem. Part of their function is to prevent moisture from making its way inward towards your home.

When siding is deteriorated, it will not serve this function, allowing moisture to dampen your walls, and eventually causing the paint on those walls to peel.

It’s Warped

Does your siding have a curved or wavy look to it? If so, it’s more than likely warped. Warping occurs when your siding becomes weathered and waterlogged. As water makes its way into the structure of your siding, it compromises it, causing it lose shape.

In most cases, warped siding will do a poor job of keeping heat, cold, and moisture from your house. It’s wise to have it replaced as soon as possible.

It’s Split

A sure sign that you need to have your siding replaced is if it’s cracked or split. Cracked and split siding will undoubtedly allow heat, cold, and moisture to make their way into your house, causing high energy bills as well as mold growth.

If only a single panel of your siding is split, you can just replace it. However, if a great number of panels are split, a full-on replacement will probably be needed.

Professional Siding Replacement in Fox Point

If your siding does need replaced, and if you’re not sure as to whether or not you can finish the job yourself, it would be wise to bring in a professional replacement service. Looking for siding replacement in Fox Point? We here at JM Remodeling have you covered.

Our team of contractors is well-versed in the installation of all types of siding, from vinyl, to wood, and otherwise. We look forward to equipping your home with its necessary protection.

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