Maintenance Measures for Different Bay View Siding Materials

On its own, siding is fairly durable. Even when left untouched, it will generally thrive for at least a decade. However, if you want to get the absolute most out of your siding, you will need to actively maintain it.

Regular maintenance protects siding from moisture, sunlight, and insects, ultimately allowing it to thrive for substantially longer than it otherwise would.

Need help maintaining your siding in Bay View, Wisconsin? Read on! In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the maintenance measures needed for different types of siding materials. Let’s begin!


exterior-siding-bay-viewBetween wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding, wood is easily the most maintenance intensive. If you want your wood siding to thrive for prolonged periods of time, you will probably want to pay close attention to it.

The most important component of wood siding maintenance is inspection. You should be ever vigilant of cracks, warping, and deteriorated caulk, giving your siding a close look at least once every 6 months.

When inspecting your wood siding, you might also want to give it a scrub. Washing your siding with soap, water, and a hard-thistle brush will prevent the buildup of algae and other mildew.

Unlike with vinyl and fiber cement siding, wood siding will need to be treated on a regular basis so that it doesn’t take on moisture or sunlight damage. In most cases, applications of sealer and paint every 5 or so years will get the job done. Stains can also help to maintain the aesthetic of your wood siding.

One more thing you should think about when maintaining your wood siding is shrubbery. Bushes, trees, and other plants should not be making contact with your siding. If they are, they are probably inundating it with moisture. We recommend trimming any plants that are within a foot of your home.


Vinyl siding is exceedingly easy to maintain. This is one of the major draws for those who decide to make use of it.

The most intensive part of vinyl siding maintenance is inspection. Every 6 months or so, you should go around your house and look for serious signs of wear and tear. Keep a close eye on cracks and loose nails. If nails are loose, you can to hammer them back in. If cracks exist, you may need to replace some of your siding panels.

Other than this, you really only need to ensure that your siding is clean. You can give it a wash with soap and water every half year or so. This should work to stave off the buildup of mildew.

Fiber Cement

Like vinyl siding, fiber cement siding requires very little as far as maintenance goes. It’s exceedingly strong on its own, capable of withstanding water, sunlight, and insects, to name just a few hazards.

That being said, it’s still recommended that you inspect your fiber cement siding regularly. Every half year, you should take a trip around your house to look for cracks and warping in your siding. If cracks exist, you may need to replace parts of your siding.

If your siding is warping, this is a sign that there could be structural problems with your home. These problems should be dealt with sooner rather than later, preferably by a professional home remodeling company.

Cleaning is also vital to the upkeep of fiber cement siding. Scrubbing it with soap and water every 6 months or so should suffice. However, if a good deal of residue has built up, a power washer may be needed.

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