Exterior Home Remodeling in Fox Point: Choosing a Siding

Having the right kind of siding on your home can make a world of difference. Not only does it work to provide your home with an attractive aesthetic, it works to protect your home from the external elements as well.

Are you looking to install new siding on your Fox Point, Wisconsin home? Not sure of which type of siding to choose? This blog post has you covered.

Below, we will discuss the most common types of siding available, explaining both their pros and their cons in detail. Hopefully, this blog will help you pick out the siding material that’s best for your home.

Fiber Cement

One of the more common types of siding on the market today is fiber cement. This material possesses the appearance of wood, but performs as if it were stone, thriving through decades and decades of use.

Made out of a combination of wood pulp, clay, cement, and sand, this material is resistant to water, sunlight, and just about everything else. In truth, it’s one of the most durable options available.

The only potential downside to fiber cement is that it can be expensive. However, due to its great durability, it will pay for itself over the years.

Engineered Wood

Because it is primarily made out of wood, engineered wood looks just like authentic wood siding. However, in terms of performance, it is far superior to authentic wood.

Engineered wood can withstand both moisture and sunlight with little to no maintenance. In general, the most you’ll have to do to maintain it is give it a cleaning every now and then.


If you prefer the look of brick, there aren’t many reasons not to opt for it. Not only is brick exceedingly durable, it’s resistant to sunlight and moisture as well. Unlike other siding materials, it is completely resistant to fire.

The only possible downsides to brick are that it’s expensive and that it can’t withstand earthquakes. However, in Fox Point, earthquakes aren’t something we have to worry about.

Artificial Stone

Artificial stone is made out of a combination of sand, cement, and stone particles. Possessing the look of real stone, it’s molded into shapes that can be cleanly laid on the surface of your home.

Much like brick, the main downside to artificial stone is that it’s expensive. However, because it’s ridiculously durable, it will pay itself off over the years.


siding-installation-contractorVinyl is the most commonly used siding in the world. The reason? It’s also the most affordable siding material there is.

Vinyl siding isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing option (it’s average at best), but it provides enough as far as functionality to make it worth a purchase. At the end of the day, vinyl siding will do a good job of insulating, adorning, and protecting your home.


Wood is a siding material that most people purchase solely for its aesthetic properties. If you’re looking for an elegant and rustic aesthetic for your home, wood siding will provide it to you.

This isn’t to say that wood siding doesn’t perform well. It still provides decent insulation and protection capabilities. It’s just that there are many types of siding on the market today that vastly outperform wood siding in terms of maintenance, performance, and durability.

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