7 Reasons for Siding Replacement in Milwaukee

Perhaps no component is more vital to the aesthetic and functionality of a home than siding. Siding which has run past its expiration date doesn’t only look bad, it lets in moisture and does a poor job of insulating your home as well.

Do you believe that you require siding replacement in Milwaukee? Looking for a second opinion? Here are 7 reasons to have your siding replaced:


1. Your Siding is Outdated

The simple fact of the matter is that styles change. While bright, fluorescent siding may have been the norm at one point, it’s not the norm anymore. These days, most people use siding which possesses neutral colors such as white or gray.

Your home is a representation of you. You want it to look presentable to those drive by or visit your home. In addition, updating the style of your siding will actually protect the value of your property. If you ever want to sell, you’ll be able to make a great deal more money with up-to-date siding.


2. Your Siding is Causing Your Energy Bills to Skyrocket

Along with insulation, your siding is responsible for keeping heat and cold trapped firmly inside your home. When your siding starts to go bad, more heat and cold will be allowed to exit and enter your home.

What’s the result of this? Skyrocketing energy bills.

If the numbers on your energy bills seem to have increased substantially, you could very well be dealing with shoddy siding. This siding could be costing you hundreds of dollars every year.


3. Your Siding is Cracked

Do you notice cracks in some of the siding on your home? If so, you’ve got a cause for concern. Cracked siding can let moisture into your home, resulting in mold growth and structural warping.

If you notice a crack in your siding, it’s recommended that you replace it as soon as possible. Allowing it to exist and get worse will only compound the damage which is being done.


4. Your Siding is Inundated with Mold

As was noted above, once siding becomes compromised, it allows moisture to make its way in with little resistance. Once this moisture has made its way in, it allows for the growth of mold.

If you see that your siding is inundated with mold on either of its sides, it is realistic to expect the problem to get worse. The wise thing to do is to remove the siding entirely, have the mold removed, and have the siding replaced with new siding.

A reputable siding replacement company will be able to get the job done with few bumps in the road.


5. Your Siding is Weathered

Is your siding covered in bubbles? Is it starting to warp and curve away from your home? If so, it’s very likely the victim of weathering.

When siding becomes inundated with moisture, it starts to break down to the point that it can no longer perform its function. Not only is it not nice to look at, it lets in harmful elements as well.

If your siding has reached this point, the only thing you can do is replace it entirely.


6. The Paint on the Interior of Your Home is Peeling

The signs that your siding needs replaced don’t always involve your siding. Sometimes, in order to see that a problem exists, you must look elsewhere.

Have you noticed the paint on the interior of your home peeling? If so, there’s a decent chance that your siding is the problem.

Peeling paint is a sign that your siding is letting in moisture. The only way to prevent more moisture from making its way in is by replacing your siding.


7. Your Siding is Loose in Places

You may notice your siding has come loose in places. This could be a result of high winds or damage from a storm. It is important to replace it immediately, as it could lead to more damage on the exterior or interior of your home. Loose siding could also be a sign of an even bigger issue like water damage, loose fasteners, or damaged sheeting.


Top-notch Siding Replacement in Milwaukee

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