How Do You Know When It’s Time for New Siding in Milwaukee?

Ideally, when you purchase a new home, you consider everything about it to be perfect. However, things will inevitably start to need to be replaced over the years. A home’s siding, in particular, is one feature that can demonstrate some wear and tear.

The question now is: what should you do about it? Is it time for you to install new siding in Milwaukee? If you notice any of the following signs, then the answer is — more than likely — ‘yes.’

Your Siding is Cracked

cedar-shakes-sidingAs a general rule of thumb, cracked siding is bad siding. If a siding is split and cracked, it is going to let through everything that it’s supposed to be keeping out (ie. moisture, heat, cold, insects, etc.).

If your siding becomes cracked, you might experience mold growth, skyrocketing energy bills, infestations, and other serious problems.

Should your siding become cracked, it’s recommended that you either have it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. If the cracks are only minor, a repair could suffice. If they’re severe, you’ll likely need to replace your siding panel entirely.

The Paint in Your House is Peeling

Is the paint on the interior walls of your home starting to peel? If so, your siding could very well be the culprit.

When siding becomes ineffective, it lets through moisture. Once moisture has made its way into the structure of your home, it can wreak havoc, causing structural damage. A good indication of a saturated structure is peeling interior paint.

Your Siding is Warped

Does your siding have a bent or curved appearance? If so, it is warped; this is probably due to a combination of both sun and water damage. Years of abuse by the elements has compromised its structural integrity.

Warped siding cannot properly protect your home. Not to mention, it looks awful. For these reasons, it’s wise to replace it with new siding as soon as possible.

Your Siding is Loose

Another indication that your siding needs replacement is that it’s loose. Siding can become loose for a number of reasons. In some cases, it is simply too deteriorated to properly do its job. In other cases, its corresponding nails might be loosening.

Regardless of the cause, something should be done about this issue. Allowing siding to hang loosely makes your home vulnerable to moisture, heat, cold, and a variety of other elements.

Your Home is Taking on Mold

If you are able to see mold underneath your siding, it is not doing its job in the way that it’s intended. This reveals that your siding is letting in excess amounts of moisture, allowing mold to grow.

Mold is not only unsightly, but a health hazard as well. It is strongly recommended that you replace your siding as soon as possible.

Your Energy Bills are Higher Than Usual

Do your energy bills seems to be substantially higher than they once were? If so, a number of different factors could be at play. One factor to keep an eye on, specifically, is your siding.

If siding becomes impaired, it will lose its ability to insulate your home. As more and more heat and cold make their way into your home, your heater and air conditioner will be forced to work harder and harder. Ergo, higher energy bills.

In Need of a New Siding Company in Milwaukee?

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