Is This the End? 4 Signs You Need New Siding in Fox Point, Wisconsin

Regardless of what type of siding you’re using, it will eventually fail to serve its intended purpose. When this point arrives, your only viable option will be to swap your old siding out for fresh siding.

The question is: how will you know when this point has arrived? Are there any indications that your siding is no longer performing its function properly? The simple answer is “yes”. Here are 4 signs that you need new siding in Fox Point, Wisconsin.

1. Your Siding is Old

exterior-wood-sidingHow long have you had your siding? If it’s been on your home for quite a long time now, it might wise to make a change.

Whereas wood siding will generally last for between 20 and 40 years, vinyl siding will generally last for around 60 years. Fiber cement siding will last even longer than that, as it is capable of thriving for up to a full century.

If your specific type of siding is close to reaching the end of its lifespan, you should, at the very least, start budgeting your money to make a replacement. It could be needed in the near future.

2. Your Siding is Warped

Over time, as your siding is exposed to more and more moisture and sunlight, it begins to deteriorate. This deterioration happens slowly, but almost always ends in the same way: with warping.

Warping occurs as the structural integrity of siding becomes compromised. The more water and sunlight damage that your siding is exposed to, the more it’s going to bend and droop. Please note that this is more of a problem with wood siding than it is with vinyl and fiber cement. However, on some occasions, those types of siding can warp as well.

Regardless, if your siding becomes warped, it’s recommended that you have it replaced. There is nothing you can do to repair warped siding.

3. Your Siding is Cracked

Your siding is needed to protect the structure of your home from the elements. However, it can’t do this if it’s cracked. Unfortunately, siding cracks can happen regardless of the type of siding that you’re using. They can be caused by everything from hail, to ice, to errant baseballs, and more.

Regardless of the cause, if any of your siding panels are cracked, you would be wise to replace them as soon as possible. Generally, this will require you to replace only a few panels. However, if many of the panels on your home are cracked, a full replacement might be the better option.

4. The Paint on Your Interior Walls is Peeling

One of the signs that you need a siding replacement has nothing to do with your siding at all. Rather, it has to do with the interior walls on the other side of your siding.

If the paint on the interior walls of your home is starting to peel, your siding could very well be the culprit. As siding deteriorates, it lets moisture through, and as this moisture meets the wooden structure of your home, it causes water damage.

Eventually, this water damage will increase to the point that it reaches the interior of your home. At this point, it will negatively affect the paint on your walls, causing it to flake off slowly over time.

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