Trendy Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Do you have a bathroom in your home that is small? Is it so small that it feels impossible to design? After all, how can you enhance the aesthetic of a room that you can barely even fit into?

The truth of the matter is that there is a way. By remodeling, not only can you enhance the look of your small bathroom, you can probably free up a bit of additional space as well.

Curious as to how to achieve this? Take a look below at these trendy design ideas for small bathrooms in Milwaukee!

Corner the Sinks

When you’re remodeling a small bathroom, you have to think small. The goal is to take up as little space as is physically possible. Often times, the thing that ends up using a great deal of space is the sink.

However, by installing your sink in the corner of your bathroom, it only takes up the space that it really needs to take up. This not only allows you to maneuver more easily in your bathroom, it also results in more storage space elsewhere.

Mount the Vanities

small-bathroom-designWhen it comes to small bathroom storage, you have to think vertically. This is, quite simply, because small bathrooms don’t allow enough space for you to store items horizontally. In essence, you have to make use of the upper and lower wall space that wouldn’t normally be used.

These days, small bathroom owners are utilizing this wall space by installing mounted vanities. Mounted vanities still offer the benefits of sitting vanities, but also offer a good deal of storage space below them on the ground.

Keep it Round

The simple fact of the matter is that square entities unnecessarily take up more space. These do not bode well in small bathrooms where space is at a premium.

For this reason, it’s becoming more and more popular for small bathroom owners to utilize round bathroom components. Round mirrors, sinks, and vanities can all be used to free up additional space within your bathroom.

Equip the Door

If you have a small bathroom, your bathroom door is a vital tool. This door should not only be used to provide privacy and security, but for storage purposes as well.

There are a variety of different ways you can use your bathroom door to enhance your bathroom. Not only can you attach door storage hangers, you can attach mirrors as well.

Utilize Light

Though your bathroom may be small, there are things you can do to make it seem larger. Namely, you can make use of light.

By adding abstract lighting under your sink and vanities, you provide your bathroom with a great deal of atmosphere. Another option is to install a window. Natural light can really open up a small bathroom, making it appear larger than it really is.

Put the Counter Over the Toilet

If you’re really desperate for counter space, you can add some by installing a small strip of countertop above the back of your toilet. This countertop space will provide room for soap, tissues, and other small, but necessary bathroom items.

Because it is installed over the back of the toilet, it shouldn’t cause any obstruction.

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