Bathroom Remodeling in Fox Point: Choosing a Flooring Material

Are considering remodeling your bathroom in Fox Point? If so, you will have a number of decisions to make throughout the process. One of the most important of these decisions is choosing a flooring material.

There are all sorts of flooring materials for you to choose from, with each offering its own unique characteristics. Need help making a choice? Read on! This article is designed to help you do just that.

Materials to Consider

bathroom-tile-flooring-installNot all flooring materials are appropriate for bathrooms. However, many of them are. Below, we will discuss the most bathroom-friendly flooring materials that are available, focusing in on both their pros and their cons.


Ceramic tile is a highly effective material that is aesthetically-pleasing, cost-effective, and highly resistant to water. Designed to look like wood and stone, it provides a classy aesthetic without sacrificing anything in the ways of durability or performance.

There is one downside to ceramic tile: it’s a bit slippery. If you or someone in your home is elderly, or if you have young children, you might want to forego it in favor of a different material.


One of the cheapest flooring materials, vinyl is a terrific bathroom flooring option for budget buyers. This material comes in large strips and can be rolled onto the ground with great ease. For this reason, it’s often used by DIYers.

One thing to note, though, is that if laid incorrectly, vinyl will do a poor job of repelling water. However, if it is installed by an experienced professional, you can expect it to thrive through water exposure for years to come.

Engineered Wood

If you’re looking to add a hardwood aesthetic to your bathroom, you might consider using engineered wood flooring. This type of flooring contains traces of natural wood, but it consists primarily of synthetic polymers. For this reason, it does a reasonable job of resisting water damage.

It’s important to note, however, that engineered wood is not totally resistant to water damage. If you decide to use it, you should make sure to keep your shower, toilet, and sink areas suitably covered with rugs.


If you want to provide your home with a luxurious aesthetic, stone flooring is probably the best option for your bathroom. There are all types of stone materials, each of which provides its own, individual, high-end aesthetic.

Highly resistant to water, stone flooring is perfect for moisture-centric areas such as bathrooms. Note, though, that it can be very slippery. Not to mention, it’s one of the most expensive flooring materials on the market.

Which Materials Should You Avoid?

There are two flooring materials that should not be used in bathrooms. These materials are natural wood and carpet.

Natural wood is a poor candidate because it is exceedingly vulnerable to water. The more water it is exposed to, the faster it will rot and decay. This, obviously, makes it a poor choice for bathrooms.

Carpet, on the other hand, is a poor candidate because it absorbs water. Its absorption of water not only leads to musty smells and mold growth, but to premature deterioration as well. For this reason, it’s best to be avoided in water-centric rooms.

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