Updating the Lighting in Your Fox Point Bathroom

There is a lot you can do to update the aesthetic of your bathroom. However, perhaps nothing does more for the aesthetic of your bathroom than its lighting. The light in your bathroom is the primary source of its atmosphere. It can be altered to meet a number of different atmospheric criteria.

Are you thinking about updating the lighting in your Fox Point, Wisconsin bathroom? Need a little help in doing so? This article should have all of the information you need.

Ambient Lighting

remodeled-bathroom-lighting-fox-pointAmbient lighting is the main source of lighting in every room. It’s the base of a room’s lighting, providing illumination to each and every part of the room.

In many bathrooms, a single light source will be used to provide ambient lighting. For instance, a single fixture might be hung in order to supply illumination to different parts of the room.

Generally, when installing ambient lighting in a bathroom, it’s a good idea to put it toward the entrance door. This will allow it to illuminate the room without glaring out the area around the mirror.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is almost purely aesthetic. If you’re trying to heighten the visual appeal of your bathroom, this type of lighting will go a long way.

Most typically, accent lighting is installed under or behind cabinets and vanities. However, you could also use accent lighting to shine a spotlight on a painting or portrait.

Mirror Lighting

Perhaps no part of your bathroom needs light more so than the mirror area. If you want to be able to see yourself clearly, it’s important to install mirror lighting in the optimal manner.

Generally, it’s a good idea to install lighting fixtures around a half a foot to the left and to the right of each mirror. It might also be wise to install recessed ceiling lighting directly above your mirrors. Installing lighting in this manner allows for plenty of illumination, all the while reducing glare.

Shower Lighting

In most bathrooms, it’s wise to use a dedicated light fixture for the shower. This is especially true in bathrooms where the showers are covered by opaque shower curtains.

Generally, when lighting a shower, you’ll want to use recessed lighting. A recessed lighting fixture should be installed directly above the shower. This will allow it to illuminate everything in and around the shower area.

Natural Lighting

While most of the lighting in your bathroom will probably come from artificial sources, you may also want to incorporate some natural lighting. Natural lighting has a certain warmth that you can’t find in artificial lighting devices.

How do you get natural lighting in your bathroom? Windows, of course. While a standard single-hung or casement window would suffice, you might also benefit from installing a picture window near the top of your wall, or a skylight.

Which Type of Light Bulbs Should You Use?

After you’ve installed the necessary lighting fixtures, you will need to choose the type of light bulb that you’d like to use. Different types of bulbs carry different characteristics.

In bathrooms, it’s usually wise to opt for frosted bulbs. These provide less glare, and are generally better for the purpose of seeing one’s self in a mirror.

We recommend buying either LED or halogen bulbs. These bulbs can be expensive, but generally last longer than incandescent bulbs.

Utilize Bathroom Remodeling Services in Fox Point, Wisconsin

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