Bathroom Remodeling in Bay View, Wisconsin: Choosing a Bathroom Flooring Material

Has your Bay View, Wisconsin bathroom lost a bit of its shine? Thinking about remodeling it? If so, there are many things you should consider. One of the most important of these things is the flooring.

There are a number of different bathroom flooring materials available, all of which offer something a little different as far as performance, durability, maintenance, and cost.

Need help choosing a flooring material? Read below for a review of the most popular bathroom flooring materials on the market today in Bay View, Wisconsin.


While some laminate flooring can be great for bathrooms, not all laminate flooring is great. If you’re going to use laminate flooring, it’s wise to make sure that its seams are properly glued together.

If the seams on your flooring aren’t completely sealed, they will allow water to leak through them, causing the wood structure below to rot away over time.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a decent, but not spectacular flooring material for bathrooms. While it holds up reasonably well against water, its water resistance capabilities pale in comparison to many other types of flooring.

Engineered wood is best reserved for bathrooms without showers. If you’re remodeling a bathroom with a shower, you should go with something a little more resistant to the effects of water.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is a decent option for bathroom flooring. However, while the material is water-resistant in and of itself, the seams that tie it together don’t always do the greatest job of resisting water.

It should be noted, though, that if installed with great precision and care, it should last through decades of regular use.

Stone Tile

tile-flooring-bathroomIf you have a high enough budget, stone tile works terrifically as a bathroom flooring material. This material is almost entirely resistant to water, holding up admirably over years of consistent use. Not to mention, it carries a classy and elegant aesthetic.

Unlike many other flooring options, stone tile is sealed together with caulk. This prevents water from seeping down into the wood surface below it.


These days, concrete is becoming more and more popular as a bathroom flooring option. Available in a variety of different colors, it’s capable of making any style of bathroom look great. Durable and low-maintenance, it should provide you with decades of functionality.

Concrete is a great option because of its supreme water-resistance capabilities. Unlike the other materials we’ve reviewed, it doesn’t possess any seams. It can be laid in one, uniform layer so as to prevent the downward flow of any and all moisture.

Linoleum Tile

Linoleum is a good, but not great flooring material for bathrooms. While it does a terrific job of resisting water in and of itself, it does have seams. These seams will often allow water to seep through them, slowly damaging the wood surface below.

There are some benefits to linoleum tile, however. This material contains a good deal of oil, helping it to resist both water and bacteria. Because of this, it rarely needs to be cleaned. When it does need to be cleaned, it can be done with ease.

All in all, as long as you can keep moisture to a minimum, linoleum tile is a solid option.

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