7 Trendy Bathroom Design Ideas in 2018

The vast majority of us spend a great deal of time in our bathrooms. Because of this, after a while, we sometimes grow tired of looking at the same, old design and decor. When this time comes, a design change is needed.

Have you been feeling this way about your bathroom? Are you looking to renovate the bathroom in your Milwaukee area home? Here are 7 trendy bathroom design ideas you should consider.

1. Freestanding Tubs

While alcove and corner bathtubsmodern-white-bathroom-tub have reigned supreme from decades, freestanding tubs are starting to make a bit of a comeback. These tubs offer a vintage aesthetic which can completely transform the overall appearance of your bathroom.

It should be noted, however, that freestanding tubs do not usually thrive in small bathrooms. They’re best used in large bathrooms where storage space and walking room is ample.

2. Plants

A good way to liven up the aesthetic of your bathroom is by utilizing plants. Placing plants in your windows, next to your cabinets, and above your tub can work to give your bathroom a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

However, you should be mindful not to overdo it. It’s best to make sure that you still have plenty of room to move around.

3. Ambient Lighting

These days, ambient lighting is making an appearance just about everywhere. The reason for this? It provides a great deal of aesthetic charm and atmosphere.

Ambient lighting is even making its way into bathrooms, serving to make showers and bubble baths as relaxing as possible. To obtain ambient lighting in your bathroom, you can place a lighting source behind your vanity, under your cabinets, and behind your mirrors.

4. Wide Open Windows

Do you want your bathroom to appear as big and as inviting as possible? If so, you might consider utilizing wide, open windows. Utilizing windows such as these will not only allow a great deal of natural light into your bathroom, it will grace your bathroom with a more natural atmosphere as well.

In most cases, there is very little downside to installing windows and skylights in your bathroom. The more natural light your bathroom can render, the brighter and larger it will appear.

5. Large Mirrors

Another trendy bathroom design idea in 2018 is the use of large mirrors. This, for the most part, is more of a practical design idea. Having a large mirror in your bathroom allows for greater usability at one time.

A large mirror can also provide a bit of aesthetic charm, helping your bathroom to stand out from other bathrooms.

6. Rustic Vanities

Looking to replace the vanities in your bathroom? If so, you might consider going rustic with it. Utilizing rustic and antique vanities is becoming increasingly popular in the world of bathroom design.

Vanities of this manner will provide a unique and charming aesthetic which you quite simply won’t get with modern vanities. If your bathroom already contains an old but well-built vanity, you might also want to consider having it refurbished.

7. Spas

If you have a big master bathroom, you might consider installing a spa. It is becoming increasingly more popular for homeowners to install spas in addition to bathtubs. Having a spa in your bathroom will not only help your bathroom to evoke an air of sophistication, it will help you relax after a long day as well.

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