Three Things to Think About Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

There’s a lot to consider when remodeling a kitchen that sometimes, you won’t know where to start! JM Remodeling has put together a few tips to guide any remodeling newbies on where to start the process. Check out these three things you should consider before starting the remodeling undertaking.


The layout is extremely important for the functionality of the kitchen. Increasing the functionality of the kitchen makes it easier to cook. For example, having the sink on the island is better than the corner because it is frequently used. You should also consider any walls you’d like to knock down to open up the room. This can increase the flow from the kitchen to the dining room or living room, making the floor plan feel bigger. An open concept layout is also great for entertaining because those in the kitchen aren’t closed off from those in the living room. JM Remodeling can help move and install electrical or gas outlets to make your dream layout come to life.

Cabinet color

Choosing a cabinet color all depends on the feel you want to bring to your kitchen. For classic kitchens, white and light-colored cabinets tend to open up the room, making it feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner. Darker cabinets, on the other hand, work better in larger, well-lit rooms. If you want a trendy kitchen, use a bold color like dark blue. Doing so will for sure make your kitchen stand out.

Countertop Choice

The countertop is a big statement piece in the kitchen. It’s the centerpiece of the kitchen, always drawing eyes. Choosing the right countertop to match the style you’re going for is a big task and not one to take lightly. Start by thinking about the color scheme in which your following and the cabinet color you already chose. Choose a countertop that will stand out, but also incorporates those colors. Do you want Granite, Marble, or Quartz? Do you want the island to have a different countertop than the rest of the kitchen? Check out some of JM Remodeling’s past renovations on our website to get some inspiration for your kitchen.Remodeling your kitchen is a big task, so don’t go at it alone! JM Remodeling would love to assist you in building your dream kitchen. Whether you know exactly what you want, or don’t know where to start, we will work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with the end result. Ready to start remodeling? Call us at 414.354.2800 to get a quote today!