Simple Touches That Will Spice Up Your Remodel

When it comes to a home remodel, there are so many options you have. The possibilities are endless, whether it be flooring, paint colors, countertops, or furniture. We're here to narrow your focus onto the things that matter the most - the things that will get you the most bang for your buck. This blog will discuss things worth spending your money on that will improve your home the most. 

tips to spice up your Milwaukee remodel

Improve your entryway

Your interior entryway is a space that often gets forgotten about but deserves your attention. This is the first thing guests see when they walk into your home, make it a good first impression! The entryway should sum up the theme of your home, whether it be beachy, modern, or farmhouse. Plus, it doesn't take much to revamp this area! 

Change out the lighting

Goodbye 80's lamps, hello chandeliers. Changing out your outdated lighting is arguably the best way to improve your home. Lighting is the focal point of each room, so it needs to make a good statement. There are so many options out there for great prices, so this is a great touch to add to any remodel. 

Stick with a neutral color scheme

Have you ever noticed that most high-end homes have a neutral color palette? While we love a good accent wall here and there (especially in the kids' rooms), a neutral color scheme will never go out of style. For a timeless and classic look, stick with beiges, whites, and black. Not only will this give your home a more high-end feel, but it will also make it easy to decorate because everything matches!

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