Roof and Interior Fire Restoration – Mequon

This beautiful home in Mequon required extensive restoration to the roof and interior after a devastating fire.

When disaster strikes, such as flood, fire or storm, your home or business may require unexpected building renovations. JM Remodeling will be there to help, just as we were for our clients in Mequon after a fire burned off the entire top of their house and caused major damage to the first floor.


The entire roof system needed rebuilding and the first floor required extensive  interior fire restoration and  remodeling due to considerable smoke and water damage. Much of the home’s wiring was also severely damaged. Due to a faulty flu system, the fire system also needed replacing, as did the tile surrounding it.

JM Remodeling completed this large-scale interior and roofing project in the middle of winter, which posed tremendous challenges, but our skilled crews adapted their work process to keep progress on track despite the weather. To keep the cold and snow out of the home, our crews rebuilt the roof in sections, ensuring the interior of the home was only minimally exposed to the elements.

The crews at JM Remodeling worked hard to match the new sections of the home to the original, salvageable portions, including the entire first floor. For example, the new sections of wood flooring were specifically selected and stained to blend seamlessly with the existing wood floors.

While the JM Remodeling team was hard at work, the homeowners collaborated with our architects to add an eyelid dormer above their patio doors, which allows more natural light in and elevates the ceiling. As the project was completed, it became clear to all those involved that the once fire-damaged home had not just been repaired, but also improved.