Top-notch Residential and Commercial Remodeling Company in Glendale, Wisconsin

The appearance of your commercial property is one of the keys to your business’s success. Unfortunately, as the years pass, commercial properties tend to lose some of their aesthetic charm. For this reason, it’s important that you make renovations as needed.

While you may be capable of making these renovations on your own, the safer option is to utilize the services of a commercial remodeling company. Fortunately, you are in the right place. JM Remodeling is the Glendale area’s top commercial remodeling company. In business for decades, we’ve helped more than our fair share of Glendale businesses to update their properties. Read below to learn more!

A Suite of Remodeling Services


We here at JM Remodeling offer commercial remodeling services of all kinds, doing everything in our power to optimize the look and functionality of our clients’ properties. Our specific services are as follows.

Roofing Services

A solid roof is important not only for functional purposes, but for aesthetic purposes as well. The team at JM Remodeling understands this and strives to install roofs that are as protective as they are stylish.

Whether you’re looking to install, repair, or maintain your roof, our team can help. Capable of working with both flat and sloped roofing materials, we’ve helped numerous clients to protect the tops of their buildings. Discuss the state of your commercial roof by contacting us today!

Siding Services

Not only is adequate roofing needed to protect your commercial property, but adequate siding as well. Should your siding become impaired, your commercial property could suffer serious and debilitating consequences. As such, it’s important that you take measures to ensure that your siding is always in tip-top shape.

JM Remodeling can help you to take these measures, providing siding installation, maintenance, and repair whenever needed. Working with a wide variety of materials, including brick, vinyl, wood, and more, we’ve adorned and protected countless commercial properties throughout Glendale and its outlying areas.

It doesn’t matter whether you require a small repair or an entire siding overhaul; our team can help you carry it out. Give us a call today!

Interior Remodeling

Not only do we remodel the exteriors of commercial buildings, but the interiors of commercial buildings as well. Regardless of whether you’re looking to add new flooring, swap out wallpaper, install new cabinets, or otherwise, the remodeling specialists with JM Remodeling can help you in doing so.

No design is too complex for us to accommodate. In addition to carrying out the designs of others, we’re also capable of drawing up designs ourselves. Our goal is simple: to provide you with the aesthetic and function you’re looking for. Give us a call today to discuss your interior remodeling needs!

A Tried and True Company

Our company comes by its skill honestly, having put in substantial amounts of work over the years in order to improve on our remodeling and restoration processes. Constantly learning and evolving, we go out of our way to provide the best of service to our clients.

You don’t have to guess as to whether we can deliver results. We’ve been doing it on a consistent basis for years, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Want to learn more about our commercial property work? Take a look at our commercial gallery!

Benefit from the Experience of a Glendale Commercial Remodeling Company

Should your commercial building ever require renovations in Glendale, Wisconsin, the professionals with JM Remodeling are the people you should see.

Over our decades of existence, our team has remodeled countless commercial properties throughout the Glendale area. Regardless of your needs, our experts can assist you.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!