What are the Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing?

The weather’s starting to warm up and the snow is (hopefully) beginning to cease. Prime roofing season is almost upon us.

Maybe you’re thinking about having new roofing installed on your home, but aren’t sure of which type of roofing to choose? Perhaps you’re considering metal roofing, but aren’t sure of whether it’s the right choice?

If so, this article can help you. Read on to understand the pros and cons of metal roofing.


1. Excellent Durability

metal-roofing-pros-consMetal roofing is far superior than other materials in the category of durability. Generally, you can expect to get at least 50 years of high-quality use out of a metal roof. This dwarfs roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, which only see 20-30 years of use.

There is some maintenance required on a metal roof, but it’s typically only sporadic. This means that, once the roof is paid for, additional costs are almost non-existent.

2. Requires Very Little Maintenance

As was just noted, metal roofs require very little maintenance. The only things you ever really have to worry about with them are their screws and their sealants. As long as screws are tight and sealants are intact, maintenance is not needed.

You will, however, still have to remove any existing debris from your roof. This, though, is not any different than with any other type of roofing material. In addition, the finish on your roof does tend to wear faster than the actual structural integrity.

3. Attractive Aesthetic

If you look at the roofs of the houses in your neighborhood, the vast majority of them will be adorned with asphalt shingles. There’s nothing wrong with this look, but it doesn’t really help a home to stand out.

Metal roofing, on the other hand, gives a home a unique and attractive aesthetic. Whereas asphalt shingles are unremarkable, metal roofing is sleek and eye-catching.


1. On the Expensive Side

Perhaps the primary downside of metal roofing is that, compared to other types of roofing, it is rather expensive. In most cases, metal roofing is more than double the price of asphalt roofing. However, due to its energy efficiency and durability, it does pay for itself over the years

2. Prone to Denting

Another downsize to metal roofing is that it’s prone to denting. Strong hail storms and falling branches can leave irreparable gashes in your roof, permanently altering its aesthetic. Replacing damaged sheets of metal roofing can be expensive.

3. Can Be Noisy

Another thing you need to be cognizant of when considering metal roofing is that it’s going to make a bit more noise than asphalt or wood shingles. Rain, specifically, will cause a tapping or hammering noise that permeates through your entire home after coming into contact with your roof.

However, it should be noted that metal roofing isn’t quite as loud as it once was. It is now designed specifically to reduce noise.

Interested in Installing Metal Roofing?

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