Our Top 3 Living Room Must-Haves

Your living room is where all the fun happens! It’s a place where friends and family come as one to talk, laugh, share a drink or two, and create memories. But, is your living room featuring the right things? Do you have enough seating? Are you making sure there is enough light and a connection to the outside world? We are here to help you create a living room that will leave you and your visitors talking about it for years to come!

living room renovation and decor ideas in Milwaukee

Different Seating Options

When hosting friends and family, there is a range of how many people are over which means, you need multiple seating options. Just one couch isn't going to cut it. We recommend sofas with matching love seats and armchairs, but the options don't stop there! We suggest having a few pieces of furniture that are movable like a footstool or accent chairs. When looking at different seating options, don’t forget to consider the comfort of the pieces along with the durability of the fabric!

Connect with the Outside World

This one should come easily since all living rooms have windows! But it is definitely, a bonus if your living room opens to your backyard through patio doors. A connection to the outdoors regardless of what your surroundings are helps virtually and physically expand the living space. By either opening up windows and/or patio doors or drawing open your curtains, you are creating a well-lit, relaxing, and scenic space for you and your family.

More Lights, the Better

Of course, natural light is best but we all know, the sun must set and we need lighting! We do recommend more than just an overhead light. We recommend small lights on dimmers or sconce lighting on the wall. It’s important to have layered lighting in your living room since there are so many different activities that take place such as entertaining, reading, or watching a movie. By having layered lighting in your home, you have the flexibility to switch up the needed light based on what you’re doing that night.

Looking to update your living room? Maybe make it more open by knocking down a wall or installing a patio door so you’re able to connect inside and out together. Here at JM Remodeling, we are here to help! Give us a call at 414.354.2800 to set up a free estimate! We also guarantee a 30-day price lock so you can take your time in making your decision!