Old Porch Removed and Updated In Milwaukee Home

After a long Wisconsin winter, summer is a sight for sore eyes.  A great way to enjoy sunny skies and increasing temperatures in the comfort of your own property is with a porch.  For this Milwaukee resident, we were able to update and enhance their home’s existing porch with a brand new, easy to maintain structure just in time to enjoy the summer weather.

The homeowner’s front porch was run down and in need of an update.  The team at JM Remodeling temporarily supported the roof above while removing the front porch completely.  When it was successfully removed, a brand new, fully synthetic deck with a low maintenance composite rail system was installed.  We were also able to replace the ceiling with aluminum soffit panel to make this porch easier to maintain.

JM Remodeling was able to mimic the classic style of the original porch completely using low maintenance synthetic and composite materials – right down to the lattice and trim boards!  To the homeowner’s delight, we were even able to match the existing color scheme of this Milwaukee home.

The clean line of the porch now compliments the house, enhances curb appeal and stands proud as the focal point of the architecture.  The classic white and slate blue color scheme blends well with the period in which the house was built.  In order to preserve the true appearance of the architecture, JM Remodeling paid close attention to the board sizes, profiles and color.  The goal was to restore the porch as closely as possible with the synthetic and composite materials available to our team.

Since we were able to start from scratch, the team at JM Remodeling didn’t encounter too many problems.  The only problem was that the homeowners had to wait to use their new porch!  If you are in need of a new porch or complete porch renovation, contact the professionals at JM Remodeling & Construction and ask about our services!