New Roofing Brings Elegance And Functionality to Shorewood Home

Your home protects you from wind, rain, snow and many other unexpected elements that Wisconsin weather brings.  Within years of being built, a home’s structure can begin to falter and roofing can start to fall apart.  That’s where JM Remodeling & Construction comes in.  This Tudor style home in Shorewood was in need of renovation and JM Remodeling was able to update the home with an aesthetically pleasing roof.

When JM Remodeling was called, the original concrete tiled roof was deteriorating.  Multiple tiles were broken and some were even missing.  The customer initially wanted a repair but soon realized that the difficulty of accessing and replacing the tiles made the cost and the risk of repairing the roof unreasonable.  As an alternative, JM Remodeling provided a new premium asphalt shingled roof quote for the client.

Various elements can affect a home’s roof including intense summer heat and harsh winter frost.  For this house, a new premium asphalt shingled roof was chosen instead of concrete tiles because of it’s relatively inexpensive price, elegant appearance, and appropriate protection from the elements.

To accent the home and update the appearance, a shingle color was chosen that lightened up the drab grey concrete tiles and picked-up the colors in the brick siding.  Even the unique colored front door blended with the shingle color to aesthetically tie the house together.

Of course, it wouldn’t be construction without a few unexpected obstacles.  One challenge we had to overcome was removing the old heavy concrete tiles.  Due to their weight, they could not just simply be dropped.  These concrete tiles had to be taken down by hand on a moving scaffold system.  It may have taken extra time and effort but it was worth it!  The house looks beautiful and is fully functional again, all for a comparatively inexpensive cost.  

At JM Remodeling, it is our goal to enhance and improve every project.  For this stunning Shorewood Tudor, we were able to bring new life to the house and install a new roofing system that will bring protection for many years to come.  Have a home in need of remodeling or construction?  Contact JM Remodeling & Construction today!