Why you need to replace siding in Fall

Fall is the best time to replace your home’s siding for a number of reasons. Here are some of them:

Prices drop

Most homeowners have their siding replaced either in the spring or summer so naturally, prices are higher then. Siding contractors are busier than usual during those seasons so they keep rates high. These figures drop significantly during the fall when their services are not needed as such.

Temperatures remain stable

Even though vinyl siding can be quite durable, it can warp in extreme temperatures such as during the height of summer. Shingles can curl in on themselves and other materials can crack under the pressure. Since the fall is known for its mild temperatures and does not experience rain as such, it is the ideal time to have siding replaced and repaired. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it either.

Prepare your home for winter

Your home’s vinyl siding is an essential shield against the elements and one which will protect you from the chill of winter. Before winter arrives, make sure it is free of damage. This is best done during the fall right before the chilly season since the new siding will be strong enough to last all winter long. If you delay or do not repair siding beforehand, you will experience cold drafts in the next couple of months.

JM Remodeling and Construction can take care of all of these things for you and ensure your siding is ready for the winter. Call us for a consultation today and we will come right on over. We have been serving the Southeastern WI area since 1990 and have extensive experience in all kinds of remodeling jobs. This includes roofing, siding jobs and complete renovation jobs.