Multifamily Remodel in Milwaukee

Multifamily Remodel - Large-scale Concrete Repair

The owners of Milwaukee’s expansive Servite Woods apartment complex contacted JM Remodeling because of our experience with multifamily remodels, both inside and out. The client’s 270 units, which were constructed in the 1980s, needed extensive concrete repair and replacement.

A short time frame and inclement weather posed challenges to the extensive project, but the JM Remodeling crew delivered, replacing and improving numerous concrete stoops, sidewalks and patios. JM Remodeling’s concrete work enhanced the safety and exterior aesthetics of each of the 270 apartment units. The project was completed as quietly and quickly as possible so as not disrupt the residents occupying the space.

Multifamily Remodel

As we’ve done with all of our clients, no matter the scope of the project, JM Remodeling built a strong relationship with the owners of Servite Village, exceeding their needs and expectations.