Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Big

If you have a small kitchen and no more walls to knock down, you might be searching for new ways to give the illusion of a larger kitchen. This comes down to more than just getting rid of the island or adding more light. There are plenty of ways to make your small kitchen feel big, and here are a few of them. 

Say goodbye to clutter

If your countertops are full of jars, appliances, and decorations, you should find storage for them. Countertops are not a display zone; they should be clear and clutter-free. If your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage for everything, go through and make a donation pile. Keep a minimalist mindset and get rid of anything you don’t use. Anything you keep should be out of sight.

design tips for small kitchens in Milwaukee

Add reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces make a room appear larger than it is because they give an illusion of depth. Adding mirrors, glass tiles, stainless steel appliances, and shiny floors are a few great ways to give off this illusion. 

Slimmer cabinets or open shelving

Slimmer cabinets with a reduced depth will allow you to gain a little more floor or headspace. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of dishes, utensils, or appliances because you will have less cabinet space. Another option to make your kitchen feel larger is open shelving which gives the illusion of more space. This only works if you keep the shelving neat and uncluttered. 

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