Major Commercial Siding Project – U-Haul – Update

JM Remodeling is working on a major commercial siding project on a familiar building on the cities near South Side.

One of JM Remodeling's biggest strengths is that we are able to tackle nearly any project major or minor. Our project at the U-Haul building at 1500 S 1st Street definitely qualifies as a major commercial siding project. The siding project itself consists of siding the back and side of the huge 5 story building. At over 13,000 square feet of siding the scale of this project is massive. The large height of this building posses many challenges that put JM's experience and expertise to the test. The siding itself is a 24 gauge v-line prefinished wall panel rated at wind levels 90mph to ensure this commercial project lasts for many years.

Major Commercial Siding front of building Major Commercial Siding back of building

We've been hard at work on the U-Haul job. Take a look at the photos below of the crew in action!