Types of Kitchen Sinks to Choose From

Has your kitchen sink run its course? Are you looking to complete a full kitchen remodel in Fox Point? If so, choosing a new sink is an important decision.

These days, there are many types of kitchen sinks to choose from. Each type of sink carries its own aesthetic benefits and its own functional benefits as well.

Here are some popular types of kitchen sinks to choose from in Fox Point, Wisconsin.


Also called a self-rimming sink, the drop-in sink extends above the countertop just slightly, creating something of a rim around its edges. From this rim, it quite literally “drops in”, becoming very deep very quickly.

Drop-in sinks are very common in kitchens, and are made out of a variety of materials. These materials include aluminum, ceramic and stainless steel, to name just a few.

If you’re just looking for something that will get the job done, a drop-in sink is a solid choice. It’s not aesthetically remarkable, but it won’t do anything to hurt the aesthetic of your kitchen either.

Double Basin

Another type of kitchen sink to consider is the double basin sink. Double basin sinks are essentially two different sinks built into one. These sinks are equal in depth, and are separated by a partition.

Available in a number of styles, double basin sinks can be under mounted or  self-rimmed.

Single Basin

Single basin sinks are as simple as sinks come. These sinks are essentially just large bins that you install in your kitchen countertop. They can hold or drain water as needed. It doesn’t get any simpler when it comes to this type of sink.

If you’re going to be washing a lot of dishes, we recommend opting for the double basin sink over the single basin sink. A double basin sink allows you to wash and rinse dishes on separate sides of a partition. Single basin sinks do not allow for this flexibility.


Farmhouse sinks have grown in popularity of late. These large sinks are their own entities, and could conceivably (though not practically) be installed by themselves on the ground. Generally, they’re installed between and propped up on strips of countertop.

Treasured primarily for their aesthetics, farmhouse sinks possess a certain rustic elegance that you can’t find in other types of sinks. Available with one, two, or three basins, and coming in a variety of materials, there is sure to be a farmhouse sink that suits your preferences.


You might also consider installing a corner kitchen sink. This is a type of kitchen sink that sits down under the countertop, and is installed at an angle where two strands of countertop meet. Aptly named, it sits in a corner of the kitchen.

Corner sinks not only look nice, they are a great use of space as well. This makes them a solid option for small kitchens, in particular.


Undermount sinks are similar to drop-in sinks. However, whereas drop-in sinks possess small ridgesaround their edges, undermount sinks do not. Instead, they are installed underneath the top surface of the countertop.

These sinks are available in a variety of materials and styles, including aluminum, ceramic, double basin, single basin, and more. Aesthetically sleek, undermount sinks look great in kitchens of all kinds.

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