Choosing a Kitchen Sink in Bay View: Things to Think About

Whether you’re getting ready to remodel your Bay View kitchen or are just making a few small changes, a kitchen sink replacement could very well be on the docket. If it is, you’ll likely want to start the planning and design process now.

When looking for a new kitchen sink, there are a number of different things to think about. In this article, we’re going to get into these different things, helping you to pick out the kitchen sink of your dreams. Let’s begin!

Sink Materials:

Kitchen sinks are made out of a variety of materials, each of which offers something a little different in terms of durability and aesthetic. The most common sink materials include the following:

Stainless Steel

stainless-steel-kitchen-sink-faucetThe most popular kitchen sink material in existence, stainless steel is durable, heat resistant, and stain resistant, requiring almost no maintenance whatsoever. Available for a reasonable price, it’s the most cost-effective material there is.

Cast Iron

Like stainless steel, cast iron is a durable, heat resistant, and stain resistant material. Unlike stainless steel, it’s available in a number of different colors. Because of this, it’s usually a little more expensive.


In terms of aesthetics, composite is one of the most attractive sink materials on the market. Elegant and regal, it’s often used in luxury homes. As far as functionality goes, it’s durable, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant. The only downsides to composite are that it’s a little expensive and that it’s prone to cracking.

Natural Stone

While it’s on the expensive side, natural stone is well worth its cost. Aesthetically glorious, it will bring an instant aesthetic kick to any kitchen where it’s installed. Durable, heat-resistant, and (mostly) stain-resistant, it will last for decades to come.

Sink Styles:

Another aspect of choosing a kitchen sink is choosing a sink style. The most common kitchen sink styles will be reviewed below:


Self-rimming sinks are sinks with ridges on their edges. These sinks are installed slightly above the surfaces of countertops, providing a small rim that helps to contain water.


Farmhouse sinks are installed under the surfaces of countertops, typically jutting out just slightly in front of the countertops. Aesthetically bold, they’ve become more and more popular in recent years.


Like farmhouse sinks, undermounted sinks are installed under the surfaces of their corresponding countertops. However, unlike farmhouse sinks, they don’t jut out past the fronts of their corresponding countertops. Because of this, they provide a discreet and clean aesthetic.

Number of Basins

Kitchen sinks are generally available with between 1 and 3 basins. When choosing your sink, it’s important to determine how many basins are best for your purposes.

If you have a small kitchen, a single-basin sink would probably be best. Larger kitchens probably demand either a double-basin or triple-basin sink.

Most kitchen sinks you come across will include two basins, one of which is used for washing dishes and the other of which is used for rinsing dishes. However, in more luxurious homes, you will often find sinks with three basins: one that is used for washing dishes, one that is used for rinsing dishes, and one that is used for cooking purposes.

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