6 Kitchen Design Ideas to Consider in 2018

Tired of looking at the same old kitchen? Looking to make some practical and aesthetic changes? If so, now is as good of time as any to get started.

The question is: how should you go about redecorating your kitchen? If you want to go with a modern look, there are a number of different design trends you can utilize. Here are 6 kitchen design ideas to consider in Milwaukee kitchen remodeling in 2018.

1. Bold Colors

kitchen-design-ideasWhile using neutral colors in kitchens is still quite popular, an appealing alternative has developed as of late: the use of bold colors. By utilizing bold colors, you can make your kitchen to stand apart from other kitchens.

Regardless of what your favorite colors are, our advice is to just go with it. A big fan of blues? Utilize blue cabinets, blue wallpaper, blue accents, and blue everything else. Want to really make your color pop out? You can contrast it against white or black countertops, backsplashes, etc.

2. Strategically-placed Shelves

The fact of the matter is that kitchens require lots of storage. While, traditionally, this storage comes in the form of cabinets, there are other options available.

Have you ever thought about installing shelves on your kitchen walls? Strategically placing open shelves along your walls allows for easy access to much needed kitchen items. It can also give your kitchen a unique look.

3. Covered Lighting

A good way to provide ambiance to your kitchen is by utilizing covered lighting. By utilizing different levels of light dimness in different areas of your kitchen, you give it a unique aura.

Not only can you place lights under and above cabinets, but below countertops as well. The key is to shade the light slightly so that it’s illuminating fully.

4. Concrete and Metal Cabinets

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets were made out of wood or vinyl. While these cabinet materials are still very popular, concrete and metal cabinets are slowly gaining on them today.

Concrete and metal cabinets offer not only supreme durability, but a sleek and modern aesthetic as well. If you want your kitchen to carry an air of sophistication and class, concrete or metal cabinets are a great way to go.

5. Stone Countertops

Countertops can be made out of a variety of different materials, from wood, to stainless steel, to composite, and much, much more. However, as of late, stone countertops, in particular, have become popular. These countertops include everything from quartz, to marble, to granite, and more.

Stone countertops provide a classy, high-end aesthetic which brings your kitchen to another level. Not to mention, they’re tough and durable, capable of holding up through years and years of consistent use.

6. Ceramic Flooring

Looking to make a flooring change in your kitchen? If so, you might consider going with ceramic. Ceramic is not only aesthetically-pleasing, but resistant to water and staining as well. Not to mention, it’s practically slip-proof.

At the moment, it is widely considered the hottest kitchen flooring material. Coming in a variety of styles, there is sure to be one which you appreciate.

Interested in Setting These Kitchen Design Ideas in Motion?

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