Bay View Kitchen Design Ideas to Consider in 2019

Is the look of your kitchen getting a little stale? Thinking about undertaking a kitchen remodeling project sometime this year? If so, you probably have a lot of planning to do. A big part of this planning will include choosing design ideas.

Need a little inspiration in coming up with such ideas? We’re here to help. These are some of the trendiest kitchen design ideas to consider in Bay View, Wisconsin in 2019.

Handle-less Cabinets

One idea you might consider putting into use in your kitchen this year is handle-less cabinets. More and more homeowners are starting to forego hardware on their cabinets, opting instead for cabinets with inverted handles that can’t easily be seen.

There are no huge functional benefits to handle-less cabinets. However, aesthetically, they allow for a somewhat cleaner and more uniform look than what you’ll get with handled cabinets.

Bright Colors

remodeled-kitchen-bay-viewOver the past decade or so, the industrial look has reigned supreme in kitchens. Characterized by grays, blacks, concretes, and metals, this look has a certain appeal, but is essentially void of color.

However, as of late, more and more homeowners are deciding to add color to their kitchens. Instead of opting for gray or black cabinets, they’re opting for blue or yellow cabinets. Instead of choosing uniformly colored backsplashes, they’re choosing mosaic backsplashes.

You can change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen simply by adding some color to it. Contrasting colors, matching colors, fluorescent colors, and pastel colors are all growing progressively more popular.


Another kitchen design idea that is growing in popularity is the idea of using shelves instead of cabinets. This trend is particularly growing in small kitchens where space is at a premium. Because shelves are narrower than cabinets, and because they don’t have to be opened, they take up much less room.

By using shelves instead of cabinets, you can free up both practical and visual space. This improves functionality and alters aesthetics in a unique way.

Designer Tile

As noted above, for the past decade or so, the industrial look has been the most popular look for kitchens. However, this is changing, and one of the ways it’s changing is in the addition of designer tile.

Designer tile is highly detailed, and typically bursting with color. More and more, homeowners are using it to add atmosphere to their kitchen floors and backsplashes.


Though metals and concretes have been popular in kitchens for quite some time now, they are slowly taking a backseat to woods. Wood is being used for all types of kitchen entities, from countertops, to cabinets, to floors, and more.

The neutral color of wood creates a solid backdrop for splashes of color. The contrast of bright, bold, patterned tile against subdued, solid wood makes for a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. If you wish, you might even choose to paint your wood components. This, in itself, creates a unique aesthetic.

Copper Hardware

Though some homeowners are looking to eschew kitchen hardware altogether, other homeowners are embracing copper hardware. Copper hardware carries an air of elegance and prestige, and is capable of providing a nice, subtle changeup in aesthetic.

If you’re thinking about installing new cabinets or drawers, you may want to consider equipping them with copper handles and knobs.

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