What Types of Kitchen Countertop Materials are Available?

Building a new house? Tired of your kitchen decor? In either case, you’re going to have to put some thought into what type of kitchen countertops you will use.

There are a number of different kitchen countertop materials out there. While some are better for budget shoppers, others are more suited for those who want nothing but the highest in quality.

Let’s review some of the more popular kitchen countertop materials out there, shall we?


kitchen-countertop-materialsGranite is seen by many as the premier countertop material on the market. While it’s on the expensive side, its aesthetic, durability, and overall functionality make it worth its cost. There is some maintenance required, but, for the most part, it holds up well on its own.

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a synthetic material which possesses a uniform texture from top to bottom. This material is reasonably durable but doesn’t play well with hot pots and pans. Available in a number of different colors, it’s available for a mid-level price.


Ceramic is a material which people choose for purely aesthetic purposes. It’s not exceptionally durable, and it’s not exceptionally functional. However, it comes in an endless array of styles and colors, meaning you can use it to customize your kitchen.


If you’re looking for style on a budget, you might consider laminate. Laminate is a synthetic material which is both durable and easy to clean. In addition to this, it requires close to no maintenance.

Unfortunately, while laminate does not often become damaged, when it does become damaged, the damages are almost impossible to repair. However, for its price, it’s hard to beat.

Engineered Stone

If you’re looking for a countertop material that excels in all areas, engineered stone is the countertop material for you. Not only is it available in a number of different colors and styles, it’s exceptionally durable as well. The only downside to this material is that it’s quite expensive.


If you’re going for the rustic look in your kitchen, you would be best served by making use of wood countertops. Wood countertops possess an aesthetic that you can’t get with any other type of countertop material.

Possessing a smooth texture, they are exceedingly easy to clean. Though they’re durable, they will only last if you’re willing to put in some maintenance time. Not only must they be stained, they must be sanded as well.

Stainless Steel

For those who are avid cooks, stainless steel is often the best kitchen countertop option. This material is great for cooking for a number of different reasons. Not only is it very durable, it’s very easy to clean as well. In addition to this, it’s heat-resistant.

The downsides to stainless steel are that it’s noisy and that it’s prone to denting. Not to mention, it’s fairly expensive.


Marble is another countertop material which is used almost exclusively for its aesthetics. While it is heat-proof and waterproof, it’s not exceptionally durable. Not only is it prone to staining, it’s prone to scratching as well.

Another downside to marble is its cost; marble is expensive. However, if you’ve got the money, and you’re looking to bring a unique aesthetic to your kitchen, it can be worthwhile.

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