A List of Kitchen Cabinet Materials in Fox Point, Wisconsin

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? If so, there are a number of different factors you’ll have to consider. Not only do you have to think about your countertops and floors, but your cabinets as well. For 25 years, residents of Fox Point have turned to JM Remodeling for home remodeling, roofing, kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinets.

There are a variety of different cabinet materials to choose from, all of which offer something a little different in the ways of appearance and functionality. Read below for a summary of some of the kitchen cabinet materials available in Fox Point, Wisconsin.

Red Oak

One of the more popular cabinet materials is red oak. This wood offers strength and durability at an affordable price. Featuring a bold wood grain, it really stands out amongst the other materials within a kitchen.

kitchen-cabinets-fox-pointWhite Oak

White oak is renowned for its strength and durability, capable of thriving through years and years of use. With a subdued wood grain, it’s great for kitchens with laid back aesthetics. While it’s on the expensive side, it offers exceptional value.


Hickory wood is lightweight, but strong and durable. Available for a middle-of-the-road price, it possesses a rustic aesthetic. If you’re looking to give your kitchen more of a traditional look, hickory cabinets will serve you well.

Hard Maple

A light-colored wood, hard maple is lightweight, but very strong and durable. It possesses a subdued wood grain, providing a neutral backdrop to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Though it’s a bit expensive, many consumers believe it’s well worth its price.


Birch is a tough and durable wood with a nuanced wood grain. A fairly dark wood, it brings a good deal of atmosphere to any kitchen which it adorns. What is the best thing about birch in the eyes of bargain hunters? It’s fairly inexpensive.


Cherry wood is a hard and durable wood which can withstand quite a bit of abuse. Aesthetic-wise, it possesses a fairly pronounced wood grain. When used for cabinets, it will give your kitchen a rustic, yet elegant look.


Pine is a softwood, meaning it is vulnerable to marring and denting. It typically will not thrive for as long as hardwoods thrive. However, what it lacks in toughness and durability, it makes up for in aesthetic. This is one of the most unique-looking cabinet materials on the market. It can give your kitchen a look that is totally different than the average kitchen.


Ash wood possesses above-average toughness and durability. In terms of aesthetics, it is fairly subdued. Its wood grain will blend in well with other kitchen items, giving your kitchen a nice aesthetic balance. If you’re looking for a tough wood with a light color, this is a solid option.


If you’re looking for the high-end kitchen aesthetic, you would be well-served by aluminum cabinets. These cabinets not only possess a sharp sheen, they are tough and durable as well. The downside to aluminum cabinets is that they can be a little expensive. However, as long as you have the budget, they will serve you well.


While polyethylene cabinets don’t possess that classic wood look, they are still fairly easy on the eyes. In addition to this, they are also durable and affordable. Easy to clean and maintain, they won’t cause you much trouble over time.

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