Is it time to redo your roof? Here’s how to tell.

Oftentimes we don’t see a problem with our roof until it’s too late. While the roof is one of the most important parts of our homes, it is also one that is commonly neglected. Knowing the signs of a damaged or aging roof is essential to prevent problems from occurring. 


It’s important to inspect your roof regularly to make sure everything is working properly. Inspecting your roof will do two things: 

1. Catch problems before they worsen 

2. Inform you of problems so you can budget for the future

Some signs of aging to watch out for include curling shingles, broken/missing shingles, and excessive granule loss. Over time, shingles lose their moisture and are dried out by the sun. After this happens, rain and snow commonly will wash them away. It is also important to note that if your roof is losing a lot of granules, it more than likely will need to be replaced soon, so it’s time to start budgeting.

Algae Growth

Most shingles that were produced in the early 2000s were coated with zinc and copper and are therefore resistant to algae growth. Eventually, these metals oxidize and are prone to algae growth. It is important to check your roof for algae growth because it is a significant indicator of how old your shingles are. If you do not see any algae growth, your shingles are most likely between 10-15 years old. If you see some signs of algae, then your shingles are probably around the 15-20 year range. If there is a significant amount of algae, your shingles are most likely over 20 years old. Most common asphalt shingles contain a lifespan of 25-35 years, despite what the manufacturers may have claimed.

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