How To Design a Welcoming Guest Bathroom

It can be stressful hosting a guest for a few days. You might be concerned that they won’t feel comfortable in your home, or that they will think badly of it. You can avoid this concern by transforming the guest bathroom into one that feels like a hotel. Follow these tips to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay!

Provide nice towels

When you stay at someone else’s home, it’s nice to feel comfortable. Keeping clean, high-quality towels in the guest bathroom will help your guests to feel right at home. Invest in some nicer towels that stay in the guest bathroom. Make sure they aren’t stained or ripped, and they match the theme of the bathroom. Put them on the countertop or a shelf so your guests know where to find them. 

Add decorations

Decor is a great way to add some style to your bathroom. Since nobody likes a smelly bathroom, you might consider putting out flowers, reed diffusers, and candles. These will add some color and a fresh scent to the bathroom. Put up some shelving and other storage as well to get rid of empty wall space, and for your guests to use at their leisure. 

Supply toiletries 

Oftentimes people forget their toiletries when they travel. Supplying mini shampoos, conditioners, and bar soaps will help your guests to feel comfortable in your house. You can go the extra mile and put out cotton balls, ear swabs, lotion, toothpaste, and anything else you can think of as well. 

If your guest bathroom isn’t quite ready for the small, finishing touches, you might consider giving it an entire remodel. JM Remodeling specializes in bathroom remodels and wants to help you create a bathroom that your guests will love! JM Remodeling has been providing quality services to our clients since 1990, and we look forward to assisting you as well. Contact us at 414.354.2800 and get your free estimate today!