Home maintenance check-list for summer

There is no better time of the year than summer to give your home some much needed care. Warm  days and harsh temperatures can take a toll on the interior as well as the exterior. The following summer maintenance check-list will go a long way to keep your place look amazing and remain so for years.

Roof check

Your roof should be checked every year and preferably during the summer to ensure that it isn’t damaged before the rains arrive. Checking it regularly will uncover problems such as leaks, loose tiles, nests or hives etc. Hiring professionals to scour your roof clean will take care of most of your problems and they will also tell you how to maintain it throughout the year as well.

Clean out the gutters

A clean gutter is a clog-free gutter, which you will be thankful for during the summer. Have it cleaned out regularly to prevent debris from building up but make sure to give it a thorough inspection during the hot season. This should actually be multiple times a year, after the fall, after the first snowfall and at least once before spring.

Home restoration

If your home has seen better days, then perhaps a complete re-haul is in order? A complete home renovation may just be the ticket to make your house look good as new and summer-ready before you throw that family barbecue. A professional service will use only the most updated technology and experienced staff and utilize the best restoration methods to make your home look as if time never touched it.

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