Helpful Tips for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Are you feeling a little sick of your home, but you don’t want to completely move? A remodeling project might be the right choice for you! The perfect place to start is in a small area so you get an idea for how to plan for a remodeling project without committing to a huge room like a kitchen right upfront. Bathrooms are also one of the most used rooms in a home! Over the past few decades, they have transformed from a small area to get ready into an entire spa-like room with much more utilization. So, are you ready to start planning for your bathroom renovation? Here’s how to get started. 


Budgeting is the most important step when planning your renovation. You need to think about all of the things you want your new bathroom to include and come up with prices. Be sure to budget for unexpected costs as well. JM Remodeling can help give you professional advice and tips during this step.

Floor Plan

Think about the layout you want your bathroom to have. Do you want a bathtub and a shower? Do you want the toilet in a closed-off room? Do you want one or two sinks? These are all good questions to ask yourself while thinking about the floor plan. Also, it is important to be realistic about how much you can fit in your bathroom. Don’t expect to fit a huge floor plan into a 50sq ft bathroom.


One of the last steps to your remodeling project is designing the style! Pick out your color palette and choose what type of flooring you want. Think about how much storage you would like as well. Do you want simple or fancy lighting? The materials can be the most fun to pick out because it is completely customizable to how you want it!

Now that you know the basics of remodeling your bathroom, it’s time to get started! JM Remodeling services the Milwaukee area to help our clients bring their vision to life. Visit for more information on bathroom remodels and to see some examples of past bathroom remodels we have constructed. Hire us today for your bathroom makeover!