Gutter cleaning basics

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs that most people steer clear of because it’s not easy to do. However, those have to be cleaned at least twice in a year since they can get clogged with dirt and debris very easily. If allowed to accumulate that rain water will have nowhere to go but into your home rather than the barrel.

There are some basics you should know before attempting this feat. First, you need to get a very sturdy ladder which is table. Clean small sections at a time and use a trowel to dig out stubborn patches. Keep a bucket with you at all times to place the dirt in rather than throwing it down. Whatever you do, do no try to stretch to get at a section that is a bit further on.

As you move along, do not forget to check for gaps and joints. You can fix some by pushing them together but some may need a sealant to fix in place. After all of the dirt and gunk is gone, check the elbow of the gutters. This is the curved part of the downspout which needs to be checked for trapped dirt. Once that is removed, flush out the rest.

Gutter cleaning is far from safe so if you are new at this or do not have training, best leave it to the professionals. JM Remodeling and Construction can do that and more. Our staff is equipped with safety equipment and the tools they need to ensure your gutters are cleaned free of all debris. It would be a good idea to hire them before the rainy season arrives so that you don’t have to run around your home plugging up leaks. We provide our services to Southeastern WI and have been doing so since 1990. Besides siding we also look forward to assist you in your remodeling and renovation needs. Give us a call today.