Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

It is that time of year again, the weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and we all know what that means wintertime. Even though you may not be ready for it, your house needs to be! Since it is still technically Fall, now is the perfect time to start getting your home ready. The transition between Summer and Winter can be made easy by following these few steps below.

getting your Milwaukee home ready for winter

Check Your Gutters

As we mentioned earlier, the season is still Fall which means, we have had a lot of leaves fall from their trees. Although most leaves end up in our yard and we rack them up, some do end up in our home’s gutters. Meaning, This important once all the leaves have dropped, is to check your gutters. Full and blocked gutters during winter will freeze up and cause backups once the snow and ice begin to melt off of your roof. Furthermore creating potential damage and unwanted leaks within your home and even the basement.

Turn Off Outside Water

Did you have a garden this summer or planted new grass? Maybe a yard full of kids playing in the sprinkler? Regardless of what your use your garden hose for, it's time to drain it and bring it in for the Winter. It’s also a must to turn off your water source that is outside. It is recommended to do this before the first frost. If not done by the first frost then you may have your pipes freeze and bust where there is a weak point in your home’s pipes. This could lead to bigger problems down the line with your whole home’s plumbing infrastructure which in turn can be very costly.

Check Your Tree Branches

Winter snow can become very heavy at times which means all the heavy snow is sitting on top of all the tree branches in your yard. Though you may not think of checking your yard’s tree branches, it is a must! With snowing being as heavy as it can become, this puts weak or dead branches at the potential of snapping and falling off the tree. This could result in endangering people who walk below the tree, or damage to your houses such as your roof, siding or gutters, or even your vehicle. It’s important to address your tree’s branches before it's too late and it costs you thousands to fix or replaces damages on your home.

Getting your home ready for the winter shouldn’t be something you put on the back burner. Start earlier enough in the Fall time therefore you will leave yourself room to not be stressed in thinking everything needs to be done right away. As you’re getting your home ready for winter keep JM Remodeling at the forefront of your mind, we are here to help you update and remodel your home in any way possible. Ready to give a quote? Call us at (414) 354-2800!