Using Flat Roofing for Your Milwaukee Business Property: The Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to commercial buildings, appearances are not always a top priority. Instead, cost-effectiveness and functionality take precedent. This is why many commercial structures are equipped with flat roofs.

While they have their drawbacks, flat roofs offer a number of advantages. Curious as to what these advantages are? Thinking about using a flat roof on your business property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? This article should be of assistance to you.

The Advantages:

There are a number of advantages to flat roofing on your business property. Flat roofs are:

Exceedingly Easy to Install

flat-roofing-installationOut of all the roofing materials on the market, arguably none is easier to install than flat roofing. Whether you’re installing a rubber membrane, built up roofing, spray-on roofing or otherwise, the installation process is simple.

Unlike with shingles, shakes, and panels, flat roofing materials are spread on in a quick and efficient manner. There are no nails or protective materials needed. Generally, it will take only a few hours to install flat roofing.

Extremely Energy Efficient

One of the great things about flat roofing is that it’s exceedingly energy efficient. Flat roofing materials leave no gaps for air to make its way through. Because of this, they essentially seal out all heat and cold, taking great strain off of the property’s heating and cooling systems.

In essence, if you want to keep your energy bills to a minimum, flat roofing is a great choice.


Another advantage of flat roofing is that it's low-maintenance. Generally, all you’ll have to do to maintain flat roofing is to shovel away snow during the winter time.

As long as you do this in a timely manner, you shouldn’t have to worry about your roof splitting, cracking, or deteriorating prematurely. Flat roofing materials are resilient. Some (modified bitumen) can even heal themselves after taking on physical trauma.

Perfect for Storage

Need additional storage space? If so, you should consider installing a flat roof. Flat roofs can hold a substantial amount of weight, making them terrific spots for outdoor storage. In some cases, air conditioner condensers can even be placed on flat roofs.

The Disadvantages:

While flat roofing offers a number of advantages, it’s not without its disadvantages. Flat roofing is:

Aesthetically Limited

One of the downsides to flat roofing is that it lacks an aesthetic punch. In fact, flat roofs are essentially invisible from ground level, meaning that they have no real aesthetic effect on a building.

If the aesthetic of your building is a priority, a flat roof might not be the best solution.

Vulnerable to Leaks

While flat roofing doesn’t crack and tear on a regular basis, it can crack and tear over time. Unfortunately, when it does, it allows moisture to flow straight through it. It’s important to note, however, that if you use a strong flat roofing material such as modified bitumen, you’ll rarely ever have to deal with this problem.

Lacking in Durability

If it’s durability you seek in your roof, flat roofing might not be for you. While flat roofing isn’t weak, it isn’t exceptionally durable either. There are certainly more durable materials available (steel, slate, etc.).

Generally, you can expect to get between 15 and 25 years of use out of a flat roof before it needs to be replaced.

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