Flat Roofing Options for Businesses

When it comes to commercial properties, top-notch aesthetics are not always a concern. Instead, performance and functionality often take priority.

This is where flat roofs come in. Flat roofing is an extremely cost-effective form of roofing, offering a great deal in terms of durability and energy efficiency, specifically.

Those who opt for flat roofing have their choice of a few different materials, all of which possess specific characteristics. Here are the most common flat roofing options for businesses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Rubber Membrane


One popular flat roofing option is the rubber membrane. Rubber membranes come in large strips, typically measuring in somewhere between 50 feet in width and 200 feet in length.

Offering exceptional durability and top-notch waterproofing capabilities, this material can last anywhere from 25 to 35 years. This gives it a longer lifespan than the vast majority of other flat roofing materials on the market.

Rubber membrane is available for a very affordable price, making it a solid option for any and all who are interested in it. Low-maintenance and easy to install, it’s one of the best flat roofing materials available.

Modified Bitumen

One of the more affordable flat roofing materials, modified bitumen is a great material for those who are working with a limited budget. However, you shouldn’t think that its low price is indicative of poor quality. Modified bitumen may be inexpensive in terms of cost, but it’s extremely valuable in terms of functionality.

This material is not the easiest of flat roofing materials to install. Installers must use a torch in order to lay it properly. However, once it has been laid, it provides terrific protection and durability. Not only does it resist the effects of sunlight, but the inward flow of moisture as well.

In all, modified bitumen roofing will typically last around 20 years. However, in order for it to last this long, it will require some general maintenance.

Built Up Roofing                              

Built up roofing is one of the oldest flat roof materials there is, having been used for over 100years. This roofing consists of several layers, some of which are ply sheets, some of which are insulative board, and some of which are wood. These layers are all held together with asphalt.

Built up roofing is somewhat similar to modified bitumen, but it is typically more prone to damage. Because of this, it generally requires more maintenance over time.

All in all, you can usually expect built up roofing to last for around 20 years. Over this time, it should provide above-average water resistance and sunlight resistance capabilities.

Spray-on Roofing

Spray-on roofing is typically the cheapest of all flat roofing options. However, it’s inexpensive for a reason. While it provides decent insulation, and is suitable enough to get the job done for a little while, its water resistance and sunlight resistance capabilities are lacking compared to other options.

This material will need to be maintained rather frequently. It is known to crack easily, and is prone to springing leaks. It doesn’t handle physical trauma very well, and should generally be replaced within 15 to 20 years.

There’s nothing wrong with using spray-on roofing. In fact, the installation process is as quick as flat roofing installation comes. However, you shouldn’t expect the same level of quality that you’ll get with other flat roofing materials.

Does Your Milwaukee Commercial Building Need New Roofing?

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