Exterior Renovation Including Roof Tear Off and Replacement

The Wisconsin Province Society of Jesus is well known throughout the Midwest for working in education, parishes, academic research and continuing the tradition of sharing spirituality.  JM Remodeling & Construction was proud to work on the exterior renovation of their building located on North 34th Street in Milwaukee.  

The roof was old and leaky and much of the original wood trim was deteriorating and in need of a fresh coat of paint.  As a full service remodeling company, the professionals at JM Remodeling & Construction were able to do it all!  Keep reading to learn more about what we were able to accomplish in the remodeling of this building.

Our first step was to improve the functionality of the roof.  The architectural style shingles we used mimic the look of the cedar shake shingles that were original to the building.  Not only did this improve the appearance of the building but it also improved the quality and lifespan of the roof.

JM’s expert carpenters were able to remove the rotten and damaged trim from all over the building including window sills, casings and fascia.  We successfully restored the once run-down exterior and supplied new materials that matched the existing trim.  Some profiles of the trim weren’t available due to the old age of the building so we custom milled our own pieces for the perfect fit.  Once the trim was painted, it was impossible to tell where the work was done.

There was an intricate fascia detail on the gutter line of the building.  We had to custom fabricate a special apron that would be installed on the fascia so that new gutters could be installed properly.  The treasurer had a specific allotted budget we were able to meet.  Even though there were many different aspects and phases to this project, the team at JM Remodeling & Construction was able to handle it all!

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