Design Build Construction in Milwaukee: What Is It and How Does It Compare to Other Options?

Are you on the cusp of a remodeling project? Hoping to start drawing up designs? If so, you might consider utilizing professional design build services.

Design build services simplify the remodeling process, enabling you to hand off all of the responsibilities to a single company. Allowing for optimal efficiency and communication, it’s often proven superior to alternative options.

Looking to learn more about design build in Milwaukee? Then read on. We’re going to get into the details and benefits below.

What is Design Build?


There are two key components to a remodeling project. One of these components is the remodeling itself. The other is the design aspect.

In traditional cases, these two responsibilities are handed off to two separate entities. The person carrying out the remodeling project hires an architect to draw up designs. Then, once he or she has received those designs from the architect, he or she hands them off to a construction crew that’s independent from the architect. The construction crew then uses those designs to complete the project.

Design build differs in that both tasks are handled by a single entity. Yes, an architect still draws up the designs, and yes, the project is still carried out by a professional construction crew. However, in this case, both entities are under the authority of a single overarching contractor. As such, the client only needs to communicate with a single person.

What are the Advantages of Design Build?

While traditional design and construction methods can be effective, they’re generally inferior to design build services. Design build services are advantageous because they:

Cut Out the Middleman

Simply put, design build cuts out the middleman, that middleman being you. When you utilize the services of two independent contractors, you must often communicate their thoughts to one another. This can easily result in miscommunication.

Conversely, when you use design build services, you don’t have to communicate any design or construction information at all (with the exception of what you communicate to the architect at the beginning of the project). The architect and the construction crew work for the same boss, so they’ll communicate directly with one another.

Optimize Efficiency

The second advantage of design build is that it optimizes efficiency. This is because it’s under the control of a single entity. As such, it allows the project to roll smoothly from responsibility to responsibility.

Traditional services lack this efficiency. Why? Because the architect and construction crew are only working together in a limited capacity. As such, if a problem arises with the architect, you would have to communicate with the architect, then relay the message to the construction crew. As you might expect, this slows down the process.

Minimizes Client Stress

Looking for the least stressful experience possible? If so, you should opt for design build services. Design build services minimize client involvement, allowing you to do as little work as possible, yet still get the results you’re looking for.

Traditional methods, on the other hand, require the client to be almost fully involved for the duration of the project. Should the architect ever need to communicate information to the construction crew, you’ll need to handle it. In other words, you’ll have to be ready and alert at all times, which could very well become a stressful situation for you.

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