Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere with These 3 Bathroom Features

A bathroom should always feel like an environment you can relax and decompress in after a long day. Many bathroom features are easy to add to help accomplish this goal! Make your bathroom feel like a spa and consider adding these 3 features.

Heated towel bar

Stay warm after a bath or shower by keeping your towels warm! Not only will this bar heat your towels, but it will also reduce mildew by decreasing the time it takes them to dry. A heated towel bar is sure to add that extra something special to your bathroom. 

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Shower fixtures

There are lots of ways to spice up your shower time. Adding a new showerhead is the perfect way to vamp up a boring shower. Consider purchasing a showerhead with several different water pressure settings or different heads. A rainfall showerhead system is also a trendy addition. These showerheads are much larger than the average showerhead, but they still use the same amount of water! 

Heated floors

If you’re someone who is always cold, heated floors would be the perfect addition to your bathroom. Keep your feet warm while getting ready in the morning or calming down after a long day! This feature is sure to make your bathroom feel like a spa!

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a makeover and add these spa-like features, get the help of a professional! JM Remodeling is located in Milwaukee, WI, and specializes in bathroom remodels. We can design any bathroom to fit any floor plan! Contact us by calling 414.354.2800 and get a quote today!