How to clean vinyl siding

Even though it does not take much to keep vinyl siding free of damage, it still needs to be maintained regularly. In warm and humid weather it can accumulate mildew and mold. This has to be removed before it builds up and does more damage.

Before beginning any DIY project though, make sure to check the guidelines that came with the siding material. Some chemical cleaners can do more harm than good on certain siding materials. Better yet, test each cleaning agent by spraying a small amount on a section of the siding and wait a day. If it cleans off without damaging the vinyl, you can use it.

The ideal way to clean vinyl siding is with a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush. If the surface is textured, use the latter to clean the grooves but start at the bottom for the best results. Cover the area so that the cleaning agent doesn’t damage the exterior.

If you just want to remove dirt from the vinyl siding then a garden hose will do. Fit it with a spray nozzle so that you can get the pressure you need to slough stubborn stains off easily. However, make sure that the nozzle is wide enough so that the ensuing water stream does not damage the vinyl and always keep it moving. Go from bottom to top and then from top to bottom for the best results.

JM Remodeling and Construction has the technicians and tools to do a professional job in Southeastern WI. We come with power washers that are powerful but gentle enough to clean your siding without damaging it. Contact us today for a consultation and quote and we will get right back to you with an estimated figure. That siding will not wash itself.