Choosing The Right Siding For Your House

Are you looking to transform the exterior of your house? If yes then siding is cost-effective way to achieve your objective. There are many benefits of getting a siding for your house including improved insulation, a consistent appearance, increased weather JM Remodeling - wisconsin siding - new install - repairresistance, and minimal upkeep requirements. Though it may cost you a bit upfront, the improved home resale value, and the reduction in utility and maintenance costs will more than cover what you pay for the siding job.

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of getting a siding for your house but you will experience these benefits only if you choose the right siding material for your house. In order to help you make the right decision, following are the five most common types of siding materials and their benefits.

Vinyl Sidings

The first siding option that you have is vinyl siding. The most commonly used siding material, vinyl enhances the exterior look of your house and is cheap to maintain. A con of choosing this type of siding material is that vinyl fades over time. This siding option is available in a variety of styles and colors.

Steel Sidings

Another siding option that you have is steel siding. The most durable siding, steel siding is maintenance free and easy to install. Available in a wide variety of color, steel sidings are resistant to adverse weather.

Wood Sidings

Today, a popular siding choice is wood siding. A siding that can easily outlast vinyl, wood siding requires only periodic maintenance. Available in a variety of patterns, wood sidings are rot-resistant. A con of choosing wood sidings is that they are difficult to install.

Fiber Cement

Fiber-Cement sidings are a good option for people who want a wooden exterior but not the costs and the hassles associated with it. Available in a variety of textures, fiber cement are more durable than wood. Moreover, this siding material is non-combustible, water-resistant, and termite resistant.

Engineered Wood

Also known as composite wood, engineered wood is a siding manufactured from wood byproducts. Plywood and wafer board are examples of engineered wood. Comprising of easy and cheap to install panels, engineered wood has a more natural appearance than vinyl or fiber-cement.


Siding is a cost-effective way to enhance the exterior look of your house. By using the aforementioned information, you can choose the right siding material for your house.