Installing Cedar Shakes on Your Shorewood Roof: Thoughts from a Shorewood Roofing Company

Has your existing roofing seen better days? Are you looking to add a new roof to your Shorewood, Wisconsin home? If so, you should consider cedar shakes—a form of high-end roofing that thrives both aesthetically and functionally.

Curious as to what cedar shakes have to offer? Then read below! This article has all of the information you’ll need to know.

What is the Typical Lifespan of Cedar Shakes?

cedar-shake-roofing-shinglesThe lifespan of cedar shakes varies depending upon a number of factors. For instance, in an area where rain is common, cedar shakes will deteriorate at a more rapid rate. In contrast, in an area where rain is scarce, cedar shakes can thrive for decades and decades.

Maintenance matters as well. If you maintain your cedar shakes on a regular basis, they will generally last much longer than if you had not.

Realistically, cedar shakes can thrive anywhere from 20 to 50 years. If you perform particularly diligent maintenance on them, they might even be able to reach 60 years.

Maintaining Cedar Shakes in Shorewood

We’ve mentioned the importance of maintenance as it pertains to cedar shakes. However, what does cedar shake maintenance actually entail? We’re going to discuss the topic below.

Clear Debris

As time passes, debris will fall onto your roof. This debris will include everything from leaves, to tree branches, to a variety of other entities. Unfortunately, if this debris remains on your roof, it can trap water against your shingles. This, in turn, will cause the roof to deteriorate faster than it otherwise would.

The solution? Clear any debris early and often.

Scrub Off Mildew

Regardless of the roofing material you use, it can eventually take on mildew. Cedar shakes are highly susceptible to algae, in particular. Unfortunately, the longer algae sits on a cedar roof, the more damage it will cause.

How can you prevent the buildup of algae? By getting on your roof and scrubbing it off every 5 to 7 years.

Apply a Stain

While not everyone chooses to stain their cedar shakes, staining is a good practice to get into. By applying a stain to your shakes every 5 to 7 years, you help keep them protected from water and sun damage.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Cedar Roof

Do you already have a cedar roof? Wondering if it’s time for a replacement? Here are some signs that it is.

It’s Leaking

Are your shakes allowing sunlight or water to leak into your attic? If so, they aren’t performing as intended and should be replaced as soon as possible.

It’s Curling

Perhaps your shakes are curling up at their sides? This is a sign of severe water damage, and the affected shingles should be replaced as soon as possible.

It’s Splitting

Maybe your shakes are splitting and cracking? If so, they have likely either experienced physical trauma or water damage. In either case, the damaged shakes should be replaced with fresh ones.

It’s Missing

A sure sign that you need to replace a cedar shake is if it’s missing altogether. The longer you allow a portion of your roof to go uncovered, the more damage that portion of your roof will experience. A single missing shake requires nothing more than an individual replacement. However, if you’re missing a large number of shakes, a full replacement might be wise.

Make Use of a New Roof Installation Company in Shorewood

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