Before You List It, Consider A Remodel

Sometimes it's tempting to pack everything up and start fresh in a new home, but is this always the right answer? Just because your current home isn't meeting your needs anymore doesn't mean there's no potential. So why not invest in something you already own and save money in the long run? Here are a few reasons to consider a remodel before listing your home.

pre-sale renovation in Milwaukee

Stay in your current neighborhood

If you love the neighborhood you're currently in, why move? Finding a good neighborhood is harder than you'd think, especially if you have kids in school and don't want to switch districts. Moving to a new neighborhood means different schools, restaurants, stores, neighbors, and lifestyles. So why fix what's not broken?

Save money

While a renovation is a higher upfront cost, it is still cheaper in the long run than moving to a new house. Moving comes with a lot of unexpected expenses, including hiring a real estate agent and movers, a down payment, selling costs, a potentially higher mortgage, and a lot more. It's ultimately better to put money into the investment you already have, which will also increase the value of your home. 

Of course, the objective to save money depends on the size of your remodel project. However, there are many things you can do to stay on budget, such as buying used furniture, choosing lower-quality materials, renovating only a few rooms, or even keeping the layout of your home the same. Unfortunately, you don't get these options when buying a new house. 

Customize your home exactly the way you want it

The beauty of a remodel is that YOU get to pick exactly how you want things to look. You can choose the paint colors, the flooring, the layout, the lighting, and everything else. Plus, if you move into a new home, there will be things you want to change anyways. And if there isn't anything you wish to change about the new home, it's likely way out of your budget. 

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