A brief guide on checking your roof

Your roof is the main thing keeping your family safe from the elements. A damaged one will compromise  that. Even though you should hire a professional contractor to inspect it, there are some tips that can help you do a minor one yourself such as:

  • Look for damaged, missing or curling shingles or any signs of damage. One or two damaged shingles can be replaced easily but if you wait too long, you might be looking at a complete roof replacement.
  • Check for growths such as fungus or algae on the roof. Their growth can be curbed with lead control strips and other measures that a professional roofer will let you know about in detail.
  • Take a look at the flashing to ensure it is solid and if it has cracks, then you need to have the area scrubbed clean before a reseal.
  • If your roof has metallic elements, examine it for rust. If it is present, hire someone to paint it.
  • Loose shingles or material around the roof. Have them replaced if they seem as if they are about to give.
  • Invest in regular maintenance to ensure your roof remains damage-free and clean throughout the year.

The best way to ensure that your roof remains clean and damage free throughout the year and many years to come is to have it inspected regularly. JM Remodeling and Construction can do this for you. We are based in Milwaukee and can provide roofing services for several types of buildings ranging from the residential to the commercial variety. We can also customize our services to your specific needs. Just give us a call for general roofing services, re-roofing, roof repair, shingle replacement or any other roofing issues you have.