4 Ways to Create an At-Home Gym with JM Remodeling

Gym memberships are pricey, inconvenient, and unsanitary (which is an issue during a pandemic outbreak). Besides, who wants to drive to the gym before/after work? When you have an at-home gym, you can avoid all of these issues. It’s easier to get a quick workout in and more motivating when it’s in your own home. An at-home gym gives you privacy and is also way cheaper than paying for a gym membership you forget you even have. Consider renovating your basement, garage, or even spare room into a space you can exercise in!

Add drywall

Adding drywall into your new gym space will keep it warm, especially during the winter months. Drywall will help to make you feel more comfortable and give a visually appealing look as well.

Redo the flooring

If you’re looking at renovating your basement or garage, you might want to consider redoing the floors. Nobody wants to do planks on a cold, cement ground. Look up some options that will stay in your budget. If you’re looking for relatively inexpensive flooring you can install yourself, consider purchasing some thick, puzzle piece exercise mats. However, if you think you will be utilizing this space often, it might be worth considering installing something higher quality, such as rubber flooring or even epoxy flooring. Rubber flooring is easy to maintain and is soundproof, water-resistant, and soft. Epoxy flooring is the most resilient flooring especially for use in the garage. It allows you flexibility to park your cars and work out on.

Purchase new light fixtures

Many people don’t have a chance to exercise until after work. In the winter, it might already be dark outside by the time you get home. No one wants to work out in the dark. Check your light fixtures and consider replacing them with something that will brighten up the room as much as possible. Lots of light is important to stay awake and motivated during your workout.

Install fixtures to hold gym equipment

It’s important to call a professional to install your equipment to make sure it’s done properly. If you install it incorrectly, you are risking the safety of you and your family. JM Remodeling would be glad to help you with this process.

At JM Remodeling, we want to help you create a great space to work out in. We service the Milwaukee area for all of your renovation needs. We want to help your vision become a reality while staying in budget. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us at 414.354.2800. Call today to get a quote!